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  • Thursday, 22 March 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 22nd March Written Update Written Episode "ShivOmRu Hides Soumya From Veer"

    Episode Start with Shivaay Announces that Marriage will Happen tomorrow We have to Prepone Marriage Rudra Gets Shocked But Shivaay tells them that we have to do this
    There Veer is Angry from Rosie Rani But Rosie Rani takes him to Room and Tell Him That She Acted Like Anika Because she got this Script to Act Like Shivaays’s Wife

    She Shows Him Script and He tells her that means Shivaay knows the Plan but who told him He Looks at Anika and She tells Him Why are you Looking me like this I didn’t even know your plan and She tells him that Shivaay Proposed Marriage and she remembers how Shivaay told her to tell This to Veer and He will Do Mistake in hurry and this will his Final Plan
    Their veer tells Her Same that if Shivaay thought that I will do mistake he is wrong and Now I will play My Final Plan

    Anika tries her hard to get know about the plan but he tells her to go he will tell his plan tomorrow
    She about to go but he Calls her Anika and She Stops in her track and seeing her face he asks her are you Anika?
    She Quickly covers Her mistake and tells him that She got confused over Acting
    Veer Just Stares Her and She asks are you thinking that I am Anika But Veer Says No because he has Seen Anika Dies with his eyes

    She Asks him so may I go But He tells her Don’t you want to know the plan?
    She Looks at him and he tells her plan
    There Shivaay Inform Everyone that marriage is tomorrow Pinky Gets Shock But Shivaay tells Khanna to do Preparation and He tells Gauri and Ladies that pre-wedding function will do tonight and No will Sleep Today

    Shivaay comes to Omkara and Rudra Telling them Arrangement But Anika comes and tells Shivaay that Veer told her plan
    They come to Soumya’s room who is watching herself in Mirror and talking to herself that tomorrow I will be Bride instead of Bhavya They hear all this and understand that this is Veer Plan Swipe the Bride
    Rudra gets shocked to listen this Shivaay tells Anika that he won't let win Veer this time
    Veer is making sure that Soumya doesn’t do any mistake He calls her and When She Sees her Phone Veer Calling Shivaay Enters in the Room She asks her You?
    Shivaay asks why are you so Surprise to see me She says Nothing come inside He comes and tells her Why veer is calling you She Changes Topic and tells that She will talk later and Cut the Call Veer wonders why she cut my call?
    Shivaay Sees Her Lehanga and asks Looks Like Bride’s Dress She Says yes he is my Best Friend So I Thought why not
    Shivaay tells her if you are His best Friend then why are you Back Stabbing Him She gets shocked and tells Him Bhaiya But Shivaay tells Her not to call him Bhai Then Omkara and Rudra both Enter and Ask her why she did all this and why she make a shame of their relations
    She gets Caught and Veer is worried that Maybe she is in some problem
    Her Phone Rang again and Shivaay snatches Her Phone and Sees Veer’s call Shivaay tells her that we know Your and Veer’s Plan and Also Your Little Pawn Aryan he throws her phone and tells her that Your Game is Finish Now Veer Again Calls and decides to go to Soumya
    There Soumya asks them Are you done with your Emotional talks and taunts? Yes I am Bad and What You Oberoi started we Kapoor Sisters will Finish
    Shivaay asks Sisters? She Explains Tia Svetlana and Herself She Tells Them How Svetlana and Tia Failed But She won't she will finish Oberoi and Rudra Gets Angry But Shivaay and Omkara Stops Him She Provokes Him But Shivaay tells her that we Oberoi Males don’t Rise hands-on Females But You Don't Know About Oberoi’s Female she asks to Show me
    Just Then Bhavya comes and tells her she will Show and Soumya asks Please Show me and Bhavya comes Close and Gives Her Solid kick and she gets Fainted Bhavya leaves and Three Brothers Drags Her Body to Corner and Veer is Entering into the Room
    Precap : Veer Tells Anika That Soumya is missing and if you don’t tell me about soumya I promise you Shivaay wont see Sunrise and He tells her to see A men who has Gun in his Hand

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