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  • Tuesday, 20 March 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 20th March Written Update Written Episode "Aryan's Secret Revealed"

    The episode starts with Anika tells Gauri that we have to Distract peoples so that we can Search Aryan
    There Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra Start Dance on Shava-Shava and They Drag Anika, Gauri, and Bhavya to Dance with them

    They too participate with ShivOmRu But their eyes Roaming here to there in Search of Aryan
    Other Family members Join too and Shivaay Signals Rudra to Start Plan with Soumya and Veer Thinks That They Celebrate for sometime
    Rudra comes to Soumya ask her to Dance with Him He tells her to Put her purse on the counter and Signals Shivaay Job done

    Shivaay sees them dancing and comes to counter to take her Purse But Veer Stops Him and Asks Him Where are you going He continues that Fun will Begin when this ball will Open because I guess you Kept Big Surprise for Ruvya Shivaay asks one girl to take veer on Dance floor and He takes Phone and gives to hacker to unlock the phone

    When he gets her Phone Unlocked he gets Shocked to See All Phone History is Deleted he Curses But for his luck he gets Call from tailor Shivaay talks as Her Assistant
    Tailor reveals him that Soumya is Going To Be Oberoi’s Daughter-in-law
    Shivaay remembers what Veer Told Anika About Soumya and Her Helping him against Oberois
    and Also What tej told Him But he is Still Puzzled how will Veer him her to get Marry to Rudra

    There Veer’s mother cant wait for Drama to Unfold in front of all the People
    ANikRiYa are Stressed for Aryan and they See Him Inside the Gift Ball and Gets Shocked
    Jhanvi tells Shivaay to Start Ceremony But Veer Says Shivaay has A Surprise for Everyone But Pinky Says we know that Ball will Open and So Many Gifts will Fall from Ball
    Anika tries to Stop by Giving some Excuse But Veer Pulls The plug and Ball open and some Flowers fall from Ball
    AniRiYa gets shocked and They Start running the Ball Everyone Looks at them and Then They see A Boy is Falling down they get Shock But AniRiYa reach on right time and take Aryan in their arms
    Aryan Starts crying But AniRiYa console him..Pinky asks who’s Kid is this
    There AniRiYa Calm him down and Shivaay comes and asks what is he doing here And he asks Anika what is this Anika Tell me
    Soumya Sees her Plan working in which Shivaay telling Him to get marry to Soumya and Bahvya leaving Him with teary eyes
    Omkara Asks Gauri who’s Kid is this and what is he doing in Our House
    Anika Explains that Aryan is living with us from Last two days pinky, tej and everyone gets Angry that You didn’t even inform us
    Shivaay, Rudra, and Omkara Ask them that what you all were hiding this from us
    Anika Explains that we wanted some time But Aryan Says In between Atar-Butter-Papa
    Shivaay Gets Shock and asks who is Your father.He remembers he told same in Kitchen
    Rudra asks Aryan his Father’s name But He Tells All Three Brothers Name Nobody Understand what is he Saying and
    Gauri Anika Explain that someone Sent this Kid to Ruin our Name
    Veer Signals one Person and that person Called Reporters who came inside and they Started Asking Question About Scandal
    Shivaay tells Khanna To Throw them Out But Reporters Run to Kid and Shivaay tries to Control But Reporter Ask who’s Illegitimate Child is this?
    Shivaay Caught That Reporter’s Coller But He continues That We Know Who’s Kid is This
    Tej Asks Who’s Reporter Answered “Rudra’s Child “Everyone Get Shocked

    Precap : Reporters are asking question to Rudra that You have Married to Soumya and This is Your Son from 1st Marriage Will You Give him Name of Father..Shivaay is shocked

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