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  • Monday, 19 March 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 19th March 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Veer hides Aryan Inside Gift Ball"

    Shivaay is monitoring all the Arrangement for Party Omkara and Rudra come to him and he makes fun of them why they are wearing sun Glasses and They make fun of him that he Is also wearing same Glasses and Shivaay tells them that because of Hangover

    There Bua and Soumya come to veer and Bua Gives him Earful because of he drunk bhang he promises her that DNA test and Everything will go according to his way
    There Shivaay gives Demo to Rudra of Gift Ball and how Flower will fall on him and Bhavya Rudra is Happy and Veer is Seeing all this He talks to himself that I will use this Ball but before that I have to find him

    He takes out Face Spray and he knows Aryan is allergic  to this and when I will spay this all over the house he will Sneez and Come out of the house
    There Aryan wants to pee but AniRiYa unable to open his pant so he pees in his pant and tells them that he did…Anika goes to take his Bag.Veer Start Spaying and When Aryan Smells he start Sneezing

    Gauri goes to take Medicine and Bhavya goes to take Tissue Paper Veer comes inside the Room When AniRiya comes Back they get shocked to see Empty room
    There ShivOmRu are discussing about the arrangement and they are so Engrossed that They Miss Veer Behind them who Keeps Aryan inside the Box who is in Deep Slumber

    He covers him with Flowers and There AniRiYa are Searching Aryan everywhere They come to hall and Veer Goes to Balcony and he is smiling that Now This Boy will come out in front of everyone
    Jhanvi comes to AniRiya and Tells them to get Ready.they About to leave But Shivaay Stops Anika and asks Anika is everything okay She Says yes and Leaves But Shivaay Thinks that She is Hiding something and he will find out.
    Anika comes to Room and Talks with Gauri who tries to consoles her that they will find Aryan, Bhavya comes to Room and Inform them that She Chacked Exit door Camera he is not out of the house so that means he is inside the house
    They about to leave But Pinky comes and Tells them to make Bhavya ready for evening They Decide to get ready first
    There Bhavya is Dancing with Joy that today they will prove that Aryan is her and Rudra’s Son and Then He has to marry her
    Evening Party
    ShivOmru come downstairs and they are talking and Rudra asks them where is Soumya Om and Shivaay tell him that Don’t think about her they will handle her
    After that AniRiYa come and they are Stressed too Gauri asks Anika how they will find Aryan between so Many People
    Veer and Soumya Smile at Each other and Veer Again Looks at Ball
    Ceremony start and Anika tells she will bring the Pooja Plate she looks around But Shivaay catches her hand and Asks her what is bothering you
    She tries to change topic But Shivaay Asks her tell him what is she hiding
    She Says She doesn’t want to increase his tension and Shivaay tells her that tell me after Party Finish and Leaves
    Gauri and Anika meet and they unable to find Aryan
    Shivaay and Omkara Tell Rudra to Dance with Soumya he asks Shivaay Again Are You Sure they tell him to do what they Say
    They tell him to go and ask her to dance and they will get her Phone


    Shava –Shava Dance and Rudra ask Soumya to Dance with him she places her Bag and Goes with Rudra.Veer tells Shivaay that Fun will begin when this Gift Ball will Open

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