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  • Friday, 16 March 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 16th March 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Secret reveal Session and Hangover "

     Episode starts with Veer is Drinking Thandayi Rudra and Bhavya are Singing and Dancing Shivaay and Anika are running and After that, they too drink Thandayi
    Omkara-Gauri too are dancing and romancing on Ang Se Ang Lagana Song
    Veer is fully under Bhaang Effect Tia is talking to herself that Now veer is full talli she can leave but veer at the Door and Tia Scared to See Him and She Blurts that Her Kid But veer Blabbers and Sends her out

    There ShivOmRu are Enjoying with their wives
    After all this They all are sitting and Veer and Soumya joined them too they all are fully talli
    Bhavya complains Shivaay that Rudy is laughing at her and Shivaay Shouts No one will Laugh But After that Everyone Laugh
    After that revealing Session start where Soumya reveals her plan that she is with veer Shivaay Says we know But we don’t know your plan Soumya Looks at Veer and He tells her to reveal Plan he is too under Bhaang Effect and Soumya reveals that she wants to break Rudra’s Marriage By telling her that Baby is her and Rudras

    After that Everyone Reveal their Plan Veer asks Girls where is that Kid and Anika tells him that Kid is In their Room
    Veer Looks at Anika and She reveals that They are Making Him Fool because rosi Rani and Anika are the same people I never tied all that was our plan and everyone laugh
    Veer Says You all are Kaminas but I am Bigger than you because you told your secret but I didn’t when somebody asks him he reveals that you Bua is my Mother

    ShivOmru and AniRivYa Look at him and He continues that you all are my brother and I came to take revenge and Everybody laugh Again
    There Tia is about to leave But Bua Stops him and ask where are you going she Scares and Bua threatens her that one call and you Husband and Son will finish She Scares and runs inside
    Bua comes inside and Sees Veer Soumya Everyone is dozed off she curses that our plan was to give bhang to girls now everything is ruined

    Next Day ShivOmRu and AniRiya are Having Hangover Shivaay shouts on Khanna that Stop hammer thing he Says that You have Hangover that’s why you are feeling heaviness in your head 
    He tells Khanna to comes with lime Juice and eggs and Shivaay mixes eggs in Juice and Gives every one they make face but Somehow Drink that Juice 
    Shivaay Says Now Think what happened Everyone Say that they don’t remember anything but Rudy makes Fun that they Played Holi 
    Shivaay Says Let me think and He gets flashes about veer and He Says veer was Saying his Secret But He only hears his Heavy voice like barking and he mimics Bhow Bhow rudy again Jokes and shivaay says he only remember this 
      he asks Anika what was She hiding But Anika Sees Aryan is walking towards them and she gets Scares when Shivaay Loosk back there is no one and Anika Runs to Room. gauri and Bhavya follow her in the Room they are Discussing About Aryan and They are thinking to Take Kulfi for him and suddenly A Girl name Kulfi appears and she sings song and AniRiYa Bless her and give wishes for her new show 

      Precap : Aryan Sneezes and AniRiYa tell him not to go anywhere they will come with medicine Veer comes after they go out of the Room and when they come Room is Empty 

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