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  • Monday, 19 March 2018

    Finally Avni and Neil's Maha Milan (Meet) Naamkaran SBAS/SBB 19th March Video WU

    Finally Avni and Neil's Maha Milan (Meet) Naamkaran SBAS/SBB 19th March Video WU

    Segment start with Neil and Avni’s fight at one Darkroom
    Neil is Looking Here and There and Suddenly Avni comes from Behind and She Kicks on his back and He falls on the Floor
    He quickly Stands Up and Because of Darkness Both unable to see each Other’s Face and They Start Fight

    Avni and Neil both Kick Each other So Many Times and In the Segment it seems that Avni Beats Neil really Hard
    And Suddenly Thunder Strike and because of Some light Neil Catches Avni’s Face Glimpse and He Jumps to her
    She Falls On the Floor and Neil is On Top of her Neil takes out the torch and He Sees her face in Torch Light and He is Shocked to see Avni

    He Quickly Stands up and His Eyes Full of Anger and tears and He Shouts Who are You? Avni who is Shocked to see Neil Just Stares Him Without Blinking eyes

    Neil and Avni’s Interview: Avni Says That Saisha has Been Kidnapped and I thought He is Kidnapper and I was Beating Him and There was Darkness and in the Fight Thunder Strike and you will See Dhamaka After that

    She continues on her interview and Laughs that without of this Clothes I felt Like Fighting
    On the SBAS Segment Zain and Aditi are Laughing and they are Eating ( jaggery)

    Must Watch  Both Segments 



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