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  • Tuesday, 13 March 2018

    Avni Reveals Everything to Mitali She Gets Shock to See Avni Alive Naamkarann 13th March Video WU

    Avni Reveals Everything to Mitali She Gets Shock to See her Alive Naamkarann 13th March Video WU

    Segment Start From Mitali’s House where Avni has come and when Mitali Opens The Door she gets the Shock to see Avni Alive

    Avni is In Red Dress and she comes inside Mitali Closes the Door She is Still Not believing She Holds Avni’s Hand and ask what is All this Avni? Avni Looks at her

    Mitali continues that 10 Years Avni 10 years that means You did all intentionally Avni Just Stares her But She asks Again tell me Avni you did all Intentionally?
    Avni Says Nothing Mitali Shouts on her that you Broke So many hearts Avni you Know You Left behind So many Things and You even took Law In Your Hand do you ever realize this?

    After hearing all this Avni Opens her heart in front of Mitali that Why she did all this Because she wanted to Save her family from All the Troubles
    She Tells That She didn’t want to Create More trouble in Neil’s Life

    She Cries hard and Collapses on Bed Mitali Just Shocked to Listen all this

    Avni requestes her not to reveal this in front of Neil will She Agree or She will tell Neil that Avni is Alive?

    Must watch this Segment

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