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  • Wednesday, 14 March 2018

    Anika’s Challenge to Shivaay He Applies Color by Cheek to Cheek Romance Ishqbaaaz SBB 14th March Video WU

    Anika’s Challenge to Shivaay  He Applies Color by Cheek to Cheek Romance Ishqbaaaz SBB 14th March Video WU

    Segment Start with Shivaay tells Anika that he has Problem with her ponytail and Anika tells him that yes she also has Problem because whenever she comes near him that Ponytail comes in between

    Shivaay takes Out Anika’s Ponytail and Throws it Away then he Starts His Romance He Kisses All over her Face and he takes Out the Dupatta But Anika Takes Dupatta Away from Him
    She challenges Him to Apply color without using Hands Shivaay Smiles over this

    He Holds one End of the Dupatta and Starts taking Steps Towards her he takes her in his Arms and He rubs his Cheeks to Her he has color on his Cheeks and That Color is now on her Cheeks
    She Blushes and Feels His touch to her cheeks Shivaay takes her in his Arms and Swings her around

    She takes Color in her hand and applies to His Cheeks
    Shivaay's Interview: He Laughs over his Romance he says it was Not With Anika it was with Rosi Rani and it was so Hard because of her Ponytail and Anika Laughs Over this

    After that Shivaay aka Nakuul comes with Pichkari and Anika Shouts and Runs from there

    Omkara-Gauri and Rudra-Bhavya are Also Lost in Romance while Playing Holi

    we will update their Romance In Next Post

    Must Watch Shivika's Romance in this Segment

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