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  • Saturday, 10 February 2018

    Neil-Avni’s Teddy Day Celebration Naamkarann U me Tv 10th February Video WU

    Neil-Avni’s Teddy Day Celebration Naamkarann U me Tv 10th February Video WU
    Segment Start with Off screen video Where Reporter come to Naamkarann Set Neil and Avni are Standing with Reporter
    Neil  has teddy in his hand and Avni has Heart Ballon in her hand

    When Reporter Ask Neil about Teddy he Joked that Yes I have come with Teddy for Avni and I know girls what do with teddy they hug, Kiss and Sleep god knows what they do with teddy
    Avni Says That She comes with One part of her heart for Neil She Knows that Neil will come with Teddy

    Reporter asks Neil aka Zain about his Real life He Says That He is Not That Romantic and he used to Get Strange Goosebumps  when someone Tell About This Yes he did with Rose and Flowers But No Teddy He Didn’t even Accept from Anyone

    He Shared that Girl tried to Hit on Him But he Never Intrested in this
    When the Same Question asked with Avni She Shared that She loved Teddy and she had so many teddies and Dolls at home and in after School she used to play with teddy and Dolls

    After that Neil aka Zain gives Teddy to Aditi aka Avni but He himself becomes teddy and ask will you play with me and she says yes and he gives her teddy and she gives him ballon and they laugh and Play
    Must watch their Teddy Day Segment

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