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  • Saturday, 3 February 2018

    Avni-Neil’s Love and Care for Each other in emotional moments Naamkarann U me tv 3rd February Video WU

    Avni-Neil’s Love for Each other in emotional moments Naamkarann U me tv 3rd February Video WU
    Segment Start From Neil and Avni’s Bedroom where Avni is Trying to sleep but she is unable to sleep because she is getting Neela’s Flashback

    So Neil gives her Support and Trying to calm her by his kisses and hugs so that she can sleep
    He makes her lay beside him and Kisses her on her forehead she gets to calm down quickly and closes her eyes

    She gives him Perfect husband Tag in her interview she says that Neela always told her that Neil is Perfect husband for her and she didn’t believe before but Now he is Taking care of her in Neela’s absence and whatever happened in few days Proves that he is perfect husband

    In the Scene Neil is Slept and seeing him sleep like this she kissed him on his forehead and she gives him love back by this way
    Avni Says in her interview that She is So emotional and seeing Neil’s care she is so happy so she is giving her love to Neil
    Neil’s Interview: Avni is now in emotional condition and I am trying to calm her down this is not romantic but yes its Good Moments between us

    Scene Shows where avni and Neil in Each other Arms and Avni is crying and neil is Carsseing her hair

    Must watch this segment 

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