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  • Wednesday, 7 February 2018

    Anika Shivaay gets Shocked to Listen truth from Veer's Daughter ishqbaaaz SBB/SBS 7th February Video WU

    Anika Shivaay gets Shocked to Listen to truth from Veer's Daughter ishqbaaaz SBB/SBS 7th February Video WU
    Segment Start with Shivaay has vase in hand and he is pacing here to there at  their house at Goa and he is so angry over veer

    He Throws the vase which breaks into pieces Anika tries her hard to calm him down and stopping him but he doesn’t listen to her and goes to veer’s house
    Anika  is Shouting his name and also running behind him to stop him she is saying him that we should stick to our plan and we can’t just go inside veer’s house

    But Shivaay till time already inside his house and soon Anika too reach behind him get shocked to see whole house is empty no sign of human even furniture too escaped from there
    They Look at each other and realize that veer knows that they (shivika) now know about his plan

    Next Scene where Anika and shivaay reaches one School there they found veer’s Daughter and they ask her about veer but what she tells next blow their mind
    She tells that how veer Kidnapped her father-Mother and blackmailed her to play his daughter Role and she had to accept for her parents

    Shivika gets Emotional and Hugs her they Console her and leave from there to make plan for their next move

    What will Shivika do now ?



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