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  • Monday, 8 January 2018

    Vidhyut Blackmailed Avni to Set Gurumaa Free Avni Desperate to Meet Neil Naamkarann UMT 8th Jan Video WU

     Written Update

    Vidhyut Blackmailed Avni to Set his Mother Free from Jail Avni Desperate to Meet Neil Naamkarann UMT 8th Jan Video WU

    Segment Start from Hospital Where Neil’s Surgery is Going On and On the Other hand doctor is Examine Avni

    After the Checkup Avni gets a Call In which Vidhyut Told her to do To one Task to Save Your Mother neela yes Vidhyut Kidnapped Neela and Now he is Blackmailing Avni to Set His Mother Guru Maa Free and He Will Free Neela

    Avni Gets Scared to Listen all This and She Runs to Meet Neil But commissioner not allowed her to go inside
    She Begs and Says That Just Let me Once Please Commissioned replies her that She is Prisoner and He can’t Allow her to meet Neil

    She Says She Knows who she is But Neil is her Husband and also Best Officer of Yours she Needs To meet him Urgently
    Commissioner Says her that he is in Surgery and He cant Let her go inside
    Avni comes to Ali and tells him that She Needs To Meet Neil he Calms her down

    There Vidhyut is Discussing Plan to Phone that His Plan Worked 1st Neil’s Insult Now He will Blackmail Avni to set free his Mother
    His Room is Full of Avni’s Painting and He is Admiring her

    What will Avni do Now ?

    Must watch this Segment 

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