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  • Friday, 5 January 2018

    Shivika's Plan to Expose Veer Shivaay Left House Fake Drama Ishqbaaaz BTDD 5th January Video WU

    Written Update

    Shivika's Plan to Expose Veer Shivaay Left House Drama Ishqbaaaz BTDD 5th January Video WU

    Segment Start with Anika is Crying and Cursing herself that She Loved Men Like Shivaay
    Next Scene She came to Shivaay who is Packing his Bag and Anika asked him what She did Shivaay Retorted “Torture “ 

    You are Torturing me I don’t Know You are Mad or not But I will Go Mad If I Stay with You more
    He Turns His Side and told Veer (who is With his Wife came to Solve Their Matter But Inside he is happy That his Plan Worked) That I am leaving here alone for Sometime SO that She will Realize and Get over to Her fear

    He takes His Bag and Walks To door Anika Follows him and Collapse on Floor and Cried hard Shouted on Shivaay to Come Back Veer comes to her to console her But Happy that his Plan Finally Successful But wait Really Veer You think So But This 

    All is Shivaay and Anika’s Plan Yes They are Acting Because Shivaay told Anika before That She is not Mad and This is all veer’s Plan to Scare her So That She Behaved Like Mad and Shivaay left her and Then Veer Will Get he wanted
    Anika told all This In her Byte She Also Shared that She cried in Scene But She is Happy That She didn’t need to Cry in Real Because this is So hard for

    So What Now What Will Shivika Do next to Expose veer Their 1st plan Succesful they made Him Fool Now what Next Stay Tune for Next Update 

    Must watch this Segment 

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