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  • Thursday, 18 January 2018

    Neil's Accident Car Collide With Tree Naamkarann U me Tv 18th January 2018

    Written Update

    Neil's Accident Car Collide With Tree Naamkarann U me Tv  18th January 2018

    Segment Start with Neil’s Accident reporter Said That Neil is So Lost While driving That He About to Collide with truck But he Controls the Car and Car Collide with Tree and His Head on Steering

    Blood Come Out from his Head and Nose But He is conscious He Looks around and Realize About his Accident
    Neil’s Interview : He Said That I was Having So Many Flashes From Grave to Mishti From Avni’s Jail Everything and was so Lost and That Accident Happened

    When Reporter Ask About This Sardar Look He Replied that He Replied That This is My Sardar aka Omkar Sing Look and I took this Look to Save Neela Maa

    He Continued that  I want Avni to Stay Inside the Jail Because this Time If She Came Out I cant save her So That’s why I have Taken this Look
    Next Question is About How Helpful this Look for his Mission He Replied that So Helpful Because No Body Recognized me even Avni in Yesterday Scene I Met her 

    I Told her my Plan Now Hope That Vidhyut too Wont Recognize me

    Must watch this Segment 

    U me aur Tv 

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