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  • Tuesday, 23 January 2018

    Neil Broke the wall and Saved Avni Naamkarann U me Tv 23rd January Video WU

    Written Update

    Neil Broke the wall and Saved Avni Naamkarann  U me Tv 23rd January Video WU
    Segment Start with Neil is Breaking The Wall by Stick and Hand and He Sees Inside Avni is behind the wall He Somehow Breaks the wall and Take her Out

    He Place her on Floor and She Whispers something in his Ear But He Tells Jailer to take her to Hospital
    He comes to dictation Area Where Vidhyut is Talking to his Mom aka Ragini Pandit He tells her that he wants Avni for Himself But Neil came and Told Vidhyut that what his Mother did to Avni

    He Told him that how His Mother Bury her Alive and He Himself Saved her and She is Now Fighting for her Life in Hospital
    Vidhyut Looks at his Mother and Shouts on Neil That One more word Against My Mother But Neil continues that Your Mother is Liar and A Murderer too 

    Vidhyut About to Say But Neil Grabs His Collar and Cut him in Between and Said She is My wife and if anything happened to her I wont Spare You both Specially Your Mother and i can Rip Your Neck Right Now 

    Vidhyut asked his Mother who doesn’t reply to Him and he gets his Answer But Before he could say anything Neil takes him Away from there

    Must watch This Segment 

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