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  • Saturday, 2 December 2017

    Swetlan Insulted Gauri Anika Threaten Her Ishqbaaaz U me Tv 2nd December Video WU

    Written Update 

    Swetlan Insulted Gauri Anika Threaten Her Ishqbaaaz U me Tv 2nd December Video WU

    Swetlana Planned To Insult Gauri and That’s why She Invited some NGO Ladies at Home
    She Welcomes her and Tells Them That You are Doing Nobel Work So Why Not Start with Us we have your 1st Charity person here

    She calls Gauri By Name “Chulbul” Than Says Opps Gauri come Here She Slightly Push Guari towards Ladies and tells Her To take Selfie and she herself takes Selfie
    She Tells NGO Ladies to Give Swing Machine To Gauri and Then She Tells Gauri That You Need Money Coz Your Devar Rudra is Jobless and Your Husband is jobless You Need Money to Maintain House

    Seeing Her Daughter-in-law is Getting Insulted Jhanvi tries to Say Something But Swetlana Cut Her off
    Then Anika comes and Threaten her To Stay in her Limit But Swetlana Tells Gauri That Who is taking Your side Anika Because of her Husband You are Now In This condition

    Shakti comes to Scene and Shouts on Her That How Dare she Talk Like This To Gauri and Anika But Swetlana Retorts That Don’t Shout and Don’t Forget This is My House and I can throw You all Out
    She Insults Everyone

    Gauri’s Interview : She Says That She Invited Some NGO Ladies and Insulted me That I Am Poor and I Need Money She Also Tried to Create Misunderstanding Between Me and Anika But I Stayed quiet and Let her Said whatever she wanted to Say

    Must watch this Segment 

    U me Tv (Youtube Link )

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