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  • Saturday, 2 December 2017

    Suwarna To Leave Goenka House Kaira Stopped her Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 2nd December Video WU

     Written Update 

    Suwarna To Leave Goenka House Kaira Stopped her  Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 2nd December Video WU

    Segment Start with Suwarna who is In Her Room and Crying Loudly She is Blamed from her Husband for whom She Scarified her Motherhood and Gave Away her Son 
    Now Her Husband is Blaming her For Everything Remembering his Hurtful word  She is crying 

    Just Then Naira and Kartik Come to Room and Try to console her She Cries in front of them 
    They Sit on Their Knee in front of her Naira tells her that we have To make Everyone Understand why You did This
    Kartik Supports Naira and Says That We have to Clear Their Misunderstand that You Scarified not Selfish They are Thinking That You are Slfish we have to clear This

    Suwarna Says That I will leave This House and Eveything will be Okay
    Kartik Says That Running Away is Not The Solution of Anything

    Reporter Says That Kartik Who Always Hated her Now Wants to do Justice with her Scarifies

    He Says That  it will take Time to Make Them Realize But We are On Same Side and We are Together
    But Suwarna whos hand was in Naira’s Stands Up Wipes her tears and Run From There
    Kartik Helplessly looks at Naira  

    Stay Tuned for Their Romance Segment will Update In half Hour

    Till Then Watch This Segment 

    U me Tv Segment (Youtube Link )

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