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  • Friday, 1 December 2017

    Naamkarann 1st December 2017 Written Update

    Neil asks Prakash how he consented to Bebe. Prakash says that neither him nor Shweta have concurred for this. Bebe says that this marriage will happen. Bebe says that they should take after her requests. 

    Bebe discloses to Neil he should wed Juhi. Neil discloses to Bebe that in the event that she is made a big deal about individuals and their notoriety then he will leave the city and leave. Afterward, Neela discloses to Shweta that Bebe guaranteed to help Avni yet now she is picking Juhi over her. Shweta says that Neil ought not have committed this error. Neela reveals to Shweta that Neil and Juhi had culminated the evening of their engagement. Shweta says that Neil had returned home on that night itself. 


    Neil discloses to Avni that they will move to Delhi. Avni stresses for Neil's activity and Neil says he will discover any activity. Neil discloses to Avni that he adores her and can't lose her and he won't change his choice. Avni discloses to Shweta that Neil is wanting to move to Delhi. Shweta requests that Avni avoid Juhi. The house keeper demonstrates a letter she found in Juhi's room. Shweta peruses the letter and gets stunned. Avni too peruses the letter where Juhi says that she is leaving alongside Mishti. 


    Juhi is seen dragging Mishti alongside her and Mishti cries. Avni discloses to Shweta that Juhi has left with Mishti. Mishti reveals to Juhi that she needs to come back to blessed messenger. Juhi reproves Mishti and requests that her quit taking blessed messenger's name. Mishti demand to return yet Juhi discloses to her that she is he mother and she should join her. Neil gets data about Juhi and Mishti's whereabouts. Shweta reveals to Bebe that Juhi is doing a major dramatization. Bebe says that this marriage will occur at any cost. Neela argues Bebe to do equity with Avni. Neela requests that Bebe not destroy Avni's life. Bebe advises everybody that she needs to reveal to them something. Bebe sees the video of Maddy and Kareena in bondage and prevents herself from uncovering reality to them. Bebe says that she can't keep an ill-conceived young lady in her home and Neil and Juhi should wed each other. Shweta discloses to Neela that Bebe has turned out to be stone hearted. Guruma is covering up and takes a gander at Bebe. Juhi drags Mishti along. Vidyut comes there in auto. Vidyut sends message to Juhi that Neil and Avni are coming there. Juhi discloses to Mishti that Neil's family despises them and they can't return home. Mishti discloses to Juhi that she abhors her. Juhi is going to slap Mishti. Avni and Neil come there. Avni prevents Juhi from slapping Mishti and pushes her away. Juhi is going to get dashed by an auto and Neil spares her. 


    Juhi blames Avni for pushing her towards auto and endeavoring to slaughter her. Juhi discloses to Avni that she didn't get father's affection in adolescence and along these lines she doesn't need Mishti too to get father's adoration. Juhi calls Avni envious and Neil requests that her quiets down. Juhi asks Neil for what reason he is supporting Avni. Avni says on the grounds that she is correct. Avni cautions Juhi that on the off chance that she tries to hit Mishti again then the outcomes will be terrible. Neil asks Avni for what good reason she is responding along these lines. Juhi insults Avni and apologizes to her mockingly. Juhi discloses to Neil that they should return home. Afterward, Avni conceives that she blew up. Avni thinks to converse with Neil. Neil is in his room and is extremely irate. Avni sees him and imagines that Neil is furious as she didn't hear him out. Avni requests that Neil hear him out. Neil pins Avni against divider and reveals to her that he would need to capture her if Juhi had got hit by the auto. Avni says that she doesn't think twice about it and she won't extra Juhi in the event that she does anything like this once more. Neil punches divider in outrage. 


    Avni tells Shweta and Neela that she pushed Juhi in outrage put she is right. Shweta says that Juhi is doing a dramatization and she will expel Avni from Neil's life. Neela says that Shweta is correct and Juhi never needs to go out. Neela says that history isn't rehashing itself however somebody is intentionally attempting to make her review her past. Neela says that Juhi simply needs to demonstrate her rights on Neil. Neela indicates Avni the daily papers and says that her occasions of youth are rehashing. Neela says that Vidyut is making this happen. Shweta says that Juhi is supporting Vidyut. Vidyut requests that Avni think like Ananya. Neil discloses to Prakash that the outrage he recognized clearly is hazardous and she is getting to be Ananya once more. 

    Precap: Avni tells Neil that first they defeated Vidyut and now he is making all these plans to defeat them. Avni tells that Vidyut will not stop till he is convinced that they are separated.

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