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  • Tuesday, 21 November 2017

    Shwetlana Back In House As Abhay's Wife and Blackmail Shivaay Ishqbaaaz UMT 21st November Video Wu

    Written Update 

    Shwetlana Back In House As Abhay's Wife and Blackmail Shivaay Ishqbaaaz U Me Tv  21st November Video Wu

    Segment start with Abhay comes with his Bride She has Veil on her head and everybody are Waiting for Abhay’s Bride
    When Abhay comes with her and reveal her face to everyone They get Shock to see Shewtlana Again In their House as Abhay’s Bride

    Shwetlana Flaunt herself in front of everyone and Provoked them that She gets the Third Lucky Time to Become daughter-in-law of this House
    Then she  opens her Mouth and Insults Gauri and But Omkara cant See anyone To Insult his Wife  Omkara Fumes over this He Tells her to leave This House

    Jahnavi Tells him to be calm But Omkara says he cant See Gauri is Getting Insulted by This women
    Shakti Curses her That When will this women Leave Them Shwetlana Smirks over this But Dadi Says Its our Karma

    There Seeing Swetlana doing all This Shivaay Grabs her Hand and Drag her with him to Exit door But She Blackmails Him over something and he has To take her Back inside the House
    Everyone is waiting for shivaay’s Answer But He doesn’t Give anyone Any Answer Anika Fumes over this

    Now What is Behind Those tape That Shivaay has to Keep Shwetlana in The House ??

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