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  • Saturday, 18 November 2017

    Omkara-Shivaay Beaten Abhay and Thrown Him Out of House Ishqbaaaz SBS/UMT 18th November Video WU

    Segment Start From Yesterday Segment where Abhay came to Oberoi House
    He is Still continuing  his Accusation on Oberoi He says That My family Wanted to Support You But You didnt want that You wanted Money My father Supported You But You Burnt Kalyani Mills and Made This Oberoi Mansion 

    Shakti Shouts Back That Hold on Your Tongue You are Talking Rubbish  he revealed  Why he Thrown Out Vishal Because he was Manipulative, fraud and what Not Moreover He was "Kamina"

    Abhay Shouts Back That Don’t You dare To Say a Single word Against My father Otherwise I will But Before He says Anything Shivaay comes in front of him and shouts That don’t you dare to Say a word against my father and My Family

    Shivaay Says That We did Enquiry about Kalyani Mills and My family has Nothing to do with Accident
    Abhay Says You lawyer  Shukla Will Support I have proof that You Family was Involved in this  
    Shivaay Says If You have proof then show Me The Proof But Abhay don’t have Proof That Time he Calls someone but Couldn’t arrange the Proof

    So Shivaay and Omkara Throw Him Out of House

    What will Abhay do Now Will He Plot New Plan with Shwetlana

    Must watch this Segment 



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