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  • Wednesday, 15 November 2017

    Neil's Fight with Media Juhi Exposed Naamkarann U me Tv 15th November Video WU

    Written Update 

     Neil's Fight with Media Juhi Exposed Naamkarann U me Tv/BTDD  15th November Video WU

    Segment Start from Khanna House where Post Diwali Celebration is Going On And When They come Out of house
    Suddenly So Many Media Reporter Attack on them with their Question About Juhi Yes Juhi is also with Them and Reporter Started Taking Photos and Neil and Avni Try to Cover her

    Reporters Started Asking Question to Neil Why You Spread False News That Juhi was Killed By Guru Maa Was That news By You or Mumbai Police who Will be Responsible and and why Juhi is Living with You
    Do You have Affair with Her ???

    Neil Gets Angry and Shouts on Reporter That You will Get Answer for Your Question Don’t Attack on Little Girl She will Be Disturb By This
    Reporter then Start Question About Mihsati Who’s Girl and Why she is Living with You

    Neil Lost His Temper But Avni Holds his Hand and He Says That come to Police Station where He Will Answer All your Question
    On The Other Hand Vidhyut is watching All This from His Car

    In His Interview he Says That I Exposed This In front of Media Because Neil was trying to be Smart with me and My Mother Now he will see What Kind of Villain I am
    What will happen To Neil Now Will He Loose His Job ?

    Must watch this Segment 

    U me Tv Youtube Link

    BTDD Segment (Youtube Link )

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