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  • Friday, 24 November 2017

    Neil To Slap Juhi Avni Stops Him Naamkarann U me Tv 24th November Video WU

    Written Update

    Neil To Slap Juhi Avni Stops Him Naamkarann U me Tv 24th November Video WU 

    Segment Start With Juhi Nei Avni Everyone Are Talking and Suddenly Juhi Started Blaming To Avni That She is Putting Venom In Mishti’s Ear Against her

    Neil Says She cant do Anything like this..Her Own Childhood was Painful How Can She Can do Like This To Mishti who was Been captured for 5 years
    Juhi retorts That I was Also In prison for 5 year
    Neil and Juhi Are Still Arguing In Between Their Argument Juhi Accuses Avni for Everything happened She says That Avni is Provoking Mishti Against her
    Neil Again Says she cant do This

    But Juhi Says That May Be You right But who is Getting All The Things Only Avni One day she will take Away Mishti from Me From Illegitimate Mom and Illegitimate Daughter  
    Suddenly Neil Looses His temper and He Rises his Hand To Slap Juhi But Avni Stops His Hand and Calm Him down

    But Juhi doesn’t stop there she Still accuses her that She comes again with new drama  
    Avni’s Interview : Mishti is Scared That Neil and Juhi are Fighting and she run Away from there and I am Sacred for her What will She Learn from All This

    Avn Continues That 
    Neil Losses His Temper and He About to Slap her But I stopped Him and Thank God Nothing happened 

    Must watch This Segment 

    U me Tv (Youtube Link )

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