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  • Saturday, 11 November 2017

    Neil Kare Avni Ke Saath Masti Sindoor Lagaye Naamkaran U me Tv 11th November Video WU

    Written update :

    Neil Kare Avni Ke Saath Masti Sindoor Lagaye Naamkaran U me Tv 11th November Video WU

    Segment Start with Neil is Running Behind Avni and He is Catching Her For applying more Sindoor on her head But she is Denying But he is Not Listing to her

    He Says The People Say If You apply More Sindoor Your Husband will Live long so You have to apply
    Avni Says No and she About to run Again But Suddenly Avni Slips and fell on Bed and Neil Also fell and In this Process Sindoor’s box gets open and all Sindoor Fell on Avni’s head and Face

    Avni Starts Wiping But Its Spreads All over her face and She Gets Itching and soon Its Become Allergic for her
    Neil Says what is Happening to You She says I have Allergy with Colour Not with Sindoor Both confused But Avni Says Call Neela Maa and ask her she Knows About my Allergies
    Neil Quickly Calls Her and told her She Says Tell Avni to Eat Curd But Neil Says Avni She is Saying To Apply Curd

    Annoyed Avni Says Not apply Neil Eat Curd Oh God You Leave it and She Left In Anger from There
    Neil Curses Himself for this Silly Thing and Now Avni is in Pain Because of Him

    We Already Posted for our Viewers That This is All Juhi’s work she Mixed Some Medicine Inside the Sindoor Box so That Avni will go Through this Pain
    Will Avni and Neil Find about this ?? Stay Tune for more Update

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