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  • Thursday, 30 November 2017

    Kartik-Suwarna Milan Kartik Apologies for His Mistakes Yeh rishta Kya Kahlata Hai SBB 30th November Video Wu

    Written Update 

    Kartik Cried Apologies and Suwarna for His Past Mistakes Yeh rishta Kya Kahlata Hai SBB 30th November Video Wu

    Its Continuous Segment Where Aryan came to Goenka House and Revealed his Identity That He is Manish and Suwarna's Son and Suwarna Gave Him to her Brother and Hide This face from Not Only Your Family Hide This from Her Own Son Too  

    Manish Who was Listing All This Gets Furious and Shout on Suwarna Who came to Scene with Kartik 
    Aryan puts Fuel to Fire By saying That She Played with everyone's Life 
    Kartik Silently listen all those accusation against her and finally he Says that She did all to Save Mine and Manish's relationship She Gave big Scarifies for me and i will Prove Her Innocence to everyone Said This He and Naira Holds her hand and take her to their Room 

    Scene Changed to New One where naira is trying to console Suwarna who is crying hard Just Then Kartik Enters to room and He Directly Goes on his Knee and Put his head in Suwarna's lap and He too Start crying 
    Suwarna gets Shock to see his and She hesitates too But Seeing her son crying like Baby She Caresses his hair 

    he looks upto her and folds his hand to Silently asking her forgiveness for his past deeds 
    She Holds his Hands By her and shook head in No and Still crying She Caresses his Face
    They cry together and Let out Their Pain 

    After that Naira who too has tears of Joy tells Suwarna that she Got her son After so Many years 
    Suwarna who still crying looks at Kartik who comes close to her and Hugs her and She Hugs back to Him 

    Finally Mother-Son Meet After Years 

    Must watch this Emotional Segment 

    Saas Bahu aur Saazish (Youtube Link )

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