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  • Saturday, 28 October 2017

    OMG Mishti Is Vidhyut's Daughter Neil-Avni Saved her Naamkarann UMT 28th October Video WU

    Written Update 

    OMG Mishti Is Vidhyut's Daughter Neil-Avni Saved her Naamkarann U Me aur Tv 28th October Video WU

    Segment Start from The Casino Opening Party Where Avni talks With Mishti and She Took her away from there and Vidhyut is Busy Somewhere

    Avni’s Interview : She Says That Vidhyut is busy handling His Clients and I Talk to Her She is Not Coming As She Scared That he will Scold and Beat Her But I talk to her and Convened Her That They will Take Her To Better Place Where Everyone will Love her and Will Gift her Mishti Agrees and Goes with Them

    Scene Showed Where Neil Who is Also behind the Mask is Talking to Mishti and Trying to Convince her But Only Avni make her Understand That This is Not the Place for her and She Agree to Go with Avni

    In The Background Party is Going on Full Swing
    Reporter Also Reveal Who is the Father of The Misthi and Its Vidhyut Not Neil

    When Reporter Asks Avni About This She Says That Till Now Neil felt Guilty That Mishti is His Daughter and She is In trouble when he Touched her 1st Time he was so Stressed that His Daughter in This condition because of Him
    But Soon This Truth will Reveal That Mishti is Vidhyut’s Daughter

    Must watch this Segment In Video below 

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