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  • Friday, 27 October 2017

    Neil-Avni's Dance Romance and Mission At Vidyut's Casino Launch Naamkarann SBS/UMT 27th October Video WU

    Written Update 

    Neil-Avni's Dance Romance and Mission At Vidyut's Casino Launch Naamkarann SBS 27th October Video WU

    Segment Start With Neil In Whire Shirt and Black Dress with Black Mask On His Face and Avni In Red Beautiful Gown She too has Mask On her Face.

    Scene Showed Where reporter Shows New Entry Vidhyut who is Gurumaa's Son too is Instructing Servants Because Today is His Casino's Opening in Goa and Neil and Avni too Came There to Save Mishti from Him 
    They Hide Their Face Behind the Mask Because they want Vidhyut to See them and Get Suspicious 

    Because When the Music Start Neil and Avni Forget their Mission and They Start Imagine Themselves In the Song and They Dream about Dance with Each Other 

    Interview : Avni Says we got the Chance to Romance Anywhere and Happened here too 
    Neil Says Yes we Got 15-20 Seconds and we do this for Our Viewers 

    Reporter Said That They came here to Save Misthti from Vidhyut and They will get Success too because Villain is Lost Only His Attire how is Looking and All (Lol) Interview Vidhyut says That he is Very Particular About His Dressing and All 
    He Also Praises zain and Aditi for His Warm Welcome on the Naamkarann Set 

    Reporter Also Informed that Guru Maa Run Away from Jail Now This Vidhyut has Mishti What will These Two Do when they will Meet 

    Must watch This Two Segments 



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