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  • Wednesday, 4 October 2017

    Juhi saves Avni's Sindoor she wants Avni-Neil to Move On Naamkarann UMT 4th October Youtube

    Written Update :

     Juhi saves Avni's Sindoor she wants Avni-Neil to Move On Naamkarann UMT 4th October Youtube 

    Segment Start with reporter Says That Avni is Getting Emotional and Juhi have Headache So Avni Says That She will Give Her Balm 

    She comes to Table to take Balm But Sindoor’s Box Falls and Juhi and Avni Both Reached The Box and Save It from falling Out
    After That Seeing Juhi So Upset Avni Asks her That You can Share anything to her She Holds her Hand

    Seeing Avni Like This Juhi Gets Emotional She Too Holds her Hand and She Says You and Neil are Married and I was Neil’s Past Never for a Second Think That I am Coming in Between You two
    Avni’s Interview : She Says that me and Juhi Saved That SIndoor Box To Fell down Juhi came to Right Time and she gave me Sindoor box in My hand

    Reporter ask Some questions why juhi has came to You
    Avni Replies That She came to Tell Me What is Bothering her she came to tell Me That She doesn’t have Anything for Neil Now

    Next Question what is The Real Intention of Juhi
    Avni’s Answer : She wants everything Okay in My and Neil’s Life she wants us to Be Happy and I think everything will be okay This twist and Turn is Part of Life

    is Juhi doing any Drama or She is  changed ? Stay Tune for More Update

    Must watch this Segment on Youtube

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