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  • Monday, 2 October 2017

    Blast at Rang Mahal Avni-Neil are Safe Amol Arrested Naamkaran SBB 2nd September Youtube Link

    Written Update 

    Scene Start From Avni, Neil (Body Double ) Amol are Running out from Ranga Mahal and while Running They are Looking Back at Rang Mahal 

    And Trio Fell down and They Heard Bomb Blast and When They Stand Up and Look Back Rang Mahal is Burning 

    Reporte Says That Finally Guru Maa and Dayawanti's Chapter is Finished But New Twist is Awaiting for Avni and Neil

    Out of the Rang Mahal They See Police came to them along with neela Who Hugs Avni and Check if she is Hurt And Police Arrests Amol 

    When reporter Ask Are You Also Caught in this she says no I am Not Now My Brother and Neil are in Same team So Neil will try His hard to Save Him

    Reporter Says yes we Forget that Your husband is Police then You don't have to Worry about anything 

    Next When reporter ask About wound on her Head She replies That Avni has done so much Running and Action and That Small wound she doesn't notice 

    Reporter Says Enjoy Your freedom for some day because after that Some New twist are waiting for You 
    and we promise we will Update You Stay Tune and watch this Video On Youtube 

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