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  • Tuesday, 3 October 2017

    Anika's revenge from Tanya and Shivaay She Mixed Jamalghota in Tanya's drink Ishqbaaaz UMT 3rd October Youtube

    Written Update :

    Anika's revenge from Tanya and Shivaay She Mixed Jamalghota in Tanya's drink Ishqbaaaz U Me Tv 3rd October Youtube Link

    Segment Start Shivaay is Going Out from Room and Tanya Stops him and ask Where are You Going ‘He Replies That I am Going to take water She Says You can tell Anyone Shivaay argues That I will call Someone then he will come with water then I will drink So Time consuming That’s why I am Going Out of Room

    In her Interview Tanya Says That If Someone Enter in Any show So Many Expectation from that Entry So Here Also Will So Many Twist and Turn Will come in The Show

    Next Scene happy and Anika in The Kitchen and Anika Shows Him “Jamalghota “ and he asks What Will You do with This
    She Almost yells At Him That No Body has Seen “Andaaj Apna Apna here “ She Mixed Jamalghota In Tanya’s drink and She comes in Shivaay’s Room with Two Drinks and She gives Tanya and Shivaay That Drink

    SHivaay asks What are You doing here She Says I welcomed any Guest like This and This is very Special drink You Will feel Energetic after Drink It

    But Anika’s Plan About to Fail when Sahil comes to Them and He takes drink from Tanya and about to Gulp But Anika Snatches and Says Bad Manner We Make Food for Guest Not Snatch from Them
    Shivaay Gives his drink to Tanya and About to take From Anika’s But She says No

    Tanya Says In her Interview that She has Received So many hate Things About Tanya And She is fine With That Because As Actor She Role is Getting what a Negative role get from Viewers
    She Says She Did Negative Character Before But In ishqbaaaz Its Just Starting and She Already Received so Many hate Mails 

    Must watch This Segment  

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