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  • Friday, 29 September 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 29th September Written Update

    Naitik consoles Naksh and Tell Him to be Cheer Naira Smiles While Her Eyes are teary
    Naitik Turns to kartik and tell Him That You have Equal Responsibility he replies yes Boss
    Kartik tells Naira That They are leaving from here You too Leave She Says Yes and Prays to Ganga Mayya She takes the Gift while Walking out She Accidently pushes the Photo frame
    At the Airport
    Goenkas are waiting for Singhania and They all are Dressed Up in Rajasthani Attire  and Everyone on Airport Watching Them
    Singhania Arrived and They Greet with Goenka Kartik comes to console her There Keerti Does Same And Naksh Says papa will come and Will Tie Turban to me
    One Foreigner comes and Takes Selfi with them

    Yash comes with Boarding passes and distribute to everyone and They Listen Security check Announcement
    But Police Stops Them That They can’t take Haldi With Them Only 100 ml is Allowed Ladies argue with Police But Police say that They will Check The Haldi
    Naira Got the Idea and She comes to Police and Says that if I Prove You Haldi without even you Touch that Nothing Is inside then can You let us Go
    He says How Naira quickly Takes The haldi and Pour to another Bowl and Police Satisfies and let Them Go
    Kartik Praises Naira That After Chacha Chowdhary Your mind work Faster than computer
    She Looks at him and He says That You Remember our Setting in Plane She Says Keep Dreaming and He replies That You will Fulfil this Dream

    They come Inside the Plane and Everyone Going to Their Seats and Keerti and Naksh come to Seat where One Boy is Already Seated Naksh tells Him That They are Getting married and He Runs from There
    Keerti Says Thanks Naksh for seating with Her He replies That I like Your Company too and he Puts His hand on he hand
    Dadi Bua and Dadi and Other Are Seating together and Bhabhi Maa Says Thanks To Dadi and Dadi bua teases Dadi Both Argue

    There Kartik is Happy That he is Sitting with Naira he Says Thanks to God That All family ahead and we are alone Here He Put His hands on her and Says That we will make romantic Film They Get Little cozy But They hear Announcement of wear the Seatbelt

    Kaira Lost In Their Romance    

    After Some Time Lady Announce that We Will Land In Some Time
    There Naira Pushes Kartik and Says That Stay far Air Hostess will come
    Kartik In excitement Stands Up and About to Shout But Plane Turns and Kartik falls and Everyone Get The Soild Push Ladies are Worried What happened
    Air Hostess Announce that we have to any Other Airport and Plane Turn to other side Everyone Get Panic That We wont reach on Kuldevi Temple
    Manish Asks Cabinet crew That if he can talk with Pilot he Says No and He Himself comes to Pilot who says we have to Face The Turbulence

    There Inside Keerti is Panics About haldi Kartik is angry Naira Consoles Him That we have to Be Strong for our family
    Pilot and Co Pilot are Trying to connect nearest Airport But they are so Close to Storm and Plane is Now Start Shaking
    Ladies inside are Panic and Love Kush are Shouting Kaira are Giving Strength to them and Kartik Says he is Feeling Helpness
    Suddenly Bhabhi Maa closed her Eyes and Divyani Tries to Wake her up But She is not Opening her eyes She is asking if anyone have Some sweet Suddenly Naira Runs to Cabinet Crew kartik runs too They come inside and Ask for Sweet Suddenly Pilot came Worried and he Says That His Co-pilot Fainted Kaira are Shocked to Listen this

    Precap : Pilot tells the Lady to Ask Passenger if anyone is Pilot She about to go But Kartik Stops That People will get Panic he Looks at Naira

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