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  • Thursday, 28 September 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 28th September Written Update

    Aryan comes inside the out house and Thinks This is Poor Cottage I thought it will be Palace
    He Goes to The Person who is Sitting on bed and Eating He introduces himself and he Starts Talking about who is inside the House He Listens and He Thinks I have Make Sure my Job Here and He Sleeps
    There is Hustle Bustle Inside the Goenka house Love Kush are wondered why Everyone is Running here to there Naira comes to Them and Tell them to get ready
    Kartik comes and asks Naira who came 1st Smart Tv or Smart Biwi She Says Smart Biwi who Invented Smart Tv Kartik Seals his Lips
    Dadi comes worried and ask Did You Make Kaddu Ka halwa ?
    She Says You didn’t tell me Suwarna and Surekha says Same Naira Says she will make But There is No Kaddu in House Naira tells she will see what can she do
    At Singhania house everyone is worried will naira come or not ?

    Seeing Akshra Photo Naksh gets Emotional he comes to Naitik and says this Time Mumma and You both are here and he Hugs Him
    There Naira is Making Preparing Halwa’s Recipe and  Kartik asks her to Come we have to Go Singhania House Naira Says You have to arrange Kaddu Kartik Says No Market Open This Time
    But they Heard Aryan who came With Kaddu and Explain how He arranged Kaddu Kartik Says Thanks and Indicates Aryan to leave
    He About to come Out But he Sees Manish and He Hide Behind the Pillar He is Thinking How to Stay Here when Manish Goes Ahead he Asks Akhilesh If he Can do any work to Him
    He tells His Manager to Give him any work

    There Naira Made Halwa and Kept open To Get Cold 

    And He Gets Busy in her work But Love Kush come and They are Hungry They Start Eating Dry fruits from Halwa Dadi Sees and Shouts in Shock Naira comes And Saves Love Kush and She Says She will Make Again She will take Remaing Kaddu at Her Home
    Dadi Asks why That Home She explain Her That Naksh wants her To Prepare his haldi But Dadi tells her That we are from Bride Side if we did any mistake That will be Remember Long Life further she tells her that Do as you want
    Naira gets Upset and She cries too But She goes to Kitchen and Start preparing halwa Again
    Kartik Sees her And he Checks Time..There Aryan are Enjoying all The comfort

    Here at Singhnia House all are Shock to See Kartik is Siting In the Corner and Mixing Turmeric and He Explain How Naira is Busy That’s why He is doing her work Everyone praised Them
    Everyone gets Busy In their work Kartik Notices Naitik is little Disturbed
    There Dadi Says Thanks To Naira That She Listens To her She Asks Her where is Kartik Naira Replies That he went Singhania House to Do Haldi work she also Explain Dadi (Good One Naira )
    Here Naitik Shares to Kartik he has to Stay for Legal work but he will Reach Before the Barat But he can’t Attend Hadi Kartik Says he Will Explain Naksh Everything
    Naksh comes To Them and ask what happen Kartik Gives Him His Phone Naksh Worriedly Asks What Happen Naira She Says Papa wont Attend the Haldi Naksh gets what is she Saying Phone On He Shouts Why he is not attending What Work he has more then My haldi

    Naira tries to Explain Him He Says if Naitik Wont attend Then he will Wont Go Naira Shouts on him And Explain That Someone from You have to Attend This Legal Matter
    Naitik comes Forward and He Explain Him with teary Eyes Naksh Gets tears too Kartik Supports Naitik Too  
    Naksh Hugs him and Naksh Says I am letting You Go But promise me That Only You will Tie Turban on my Head Naitik promises him

    Precap :

    Naira has Gift in her hands and she Accidently push Her and Kartik’s Photo Frame . Police Stops Them at Airport and Says Liquid More Then 100 ml is not Allowed Naira Says to Kartik Before Everyone’s eyes on Us Now Their Ears too

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