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  • Monday, 25 September 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 25th September 2017 Written Update

    Episode Start with Keesh and kaira comes out of car and They Discuss that They Should Take Otherway But their car is Not working
    They Again come Out and They See One Boy is entertaining People Kartik Gets Irritated But naira Tells him That he Can do This Only
    He Jumps from car and Stand In front of Them and They Look at Him and Kartik watch Him from Head to toe
    He came To Them and Introduce Him self as Aryan and He Asks If You need Help But irritated Kartik Says No and About to leave But Someone came and Says Leave car and go to Safe Place

    Aryan about to leave But Naira Says How Can You Help us ?
    He Says Lets Go with Me Kartik asks So many Question But They Somehow Follow Him and He Thinks Only You can help Poor like me
    There at House Everyone is Worried for Keesh and Kaira
    There Aryan is walking in cool Attitude but He is talking So much Kartik Got irritated and Naira Scold Him
    They all are in heavt Storm Aryan gets call But he Cut The Call and Says That we are Taking Short cut They have no Option and They Agree with Aryan all reached one House where already one Function is Going On
    Naira Says we cant Disturb their Function and About to leave But One Men came and Say Please Don’t go Allah wont Forgive Us if you left You are our Guest Now

    There at House Naitik Informs Other that Naira informs Him That They Take shelter on one family
    And They are very nice

    There Naira and Keerti are Discussing That here is Also mehandi Function Aryan says he will leave Now Naira Tries to Stop Him He Gets call and He Excuses and Leaves
    Naira Consoles Keerti But She Says she is Okay
    Naira Gets naitik Video call With Whom whole family on call Naitik informs That all the Route are Blocked so you stay There

    Naira and Kartik Argu that Its Keerti di’s Mehandi we should Check once But Dadi Says No But Someone From that family Suggest That You Should Your Mehnadi Here
    Somehow They Agree and Dadi and Bhabhi Ma Agree That they will also celebrate Mehandi at Home

    Mehandi Ritual Start at Goenka and Singhnia Ladies are Dancing Manish Suwarna have Little Moments

    Their at Naksh Kartik Dressed in Pathani As Per Muslim Rituals keerti and Naira Too Dressed In sharara and Looking So beautiful
    Keerti comes and Stands with Naksh and Kartik comes To Naira and Compliment Her that You are Killing with Your Looks and vice versa

    Naksh Says Sorry to Keerti and He Says I don’t know how to say and what say She teases him Then learn it feels Good
    There Goenka and Singhania are celebrating and Dancing
    Naitik gets call from Advcate and He seems so worried for Something and He Looks at ladies
    There Naksh sit with Groom and Keerti with Bride
    Family head Says that we have Tradition In which Bride and Groom Have to say something for Each Other
    Muslim Groom and Bride Says Something for each Other Then Keerti’s Turn and she Says One Shayri for Naksh and He Says Too and Everyone Clapped for them
    Then Naira Says One Shayri for Kartik and he Smiles and Then Naira takes one Rose Still saying her Shayri and came to in front of him he walks and Start his Shayri and comes near Her He teases her with his Shayri and They Lost In each Other’s eyes
    Naira Gives Him Rose and He takes and Place it in her hairs

    Precap : Keesh and Kaira’s Dance on Banno Song and Mehandi ritual as Per Muslim Tradition

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