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  • Wednesday, 20 September 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 20th September 2017 Written Update

    Episode Start with Keerti in Between on Stage and ananya and Naira and Trio dancing On Song “Swing” other ladies are Clapping and Cheering her Up
    After That All Ladies Join Them
    Naira takes The Gun and Dance with That
    Just Then Keerti’s Friend’s Gift Arrived and They all Rush to That Big Gift and Keerti open and Naira and Ananya with her They Look at each and One Boy came out of the Gift
    All ladies get shock to see The Gift Divyani Says Rashe Krishna Beta
    Naira Signals Keerti about That Boy
    Here Manish takes all The Boys to One restaurant cum  Dance Bar they came inside and They are Litlle confused about the place One waiter comes and Says That You take Sit Mahol will become after 11 They take Sit

    Here That Boy Jumps from Girt and Goes To Stage and Start Dance All ladies Gasp to See Him
    Naira and Keerti too Go to Stage and tries to Stop but he Says I cant I have to Dance Otherwise I won’t get any Work
    And Then he Start Taking Out Jacket 1st  Keerti and Naira Shocked and Ananya Says What will Happen when Our Male will come to Know This

    Here At Bar Manish Says That he has very Good Memories of This Place Seeing People kartik asks are we on right place
    Suddenly Song Start and all are shocked to see Girls Start Dance Mohit Put hands on yash’s eyes and Naitik and Mohit tease Manish Who Says when I used to come This Place Was Not Like this 

    Kartik Says But It is Now What will happen when Our wife or to be wife will come to know that
    Here That Boy is Dancing and Not Stopping Naira Video calls To Kartik and he Sees That Boy behind And Here Kartik’s Phone is taken by Girl
    Both Thinks what was That
    Here Girl Ask money to Them and They Give and Run Away
    There Boy is Not Stopping But Keerti and Naira Give Him Money and Throw Him Out Other Ladiesask why you throw Him Out Naira Says Dadi In Ear what he was doing
    Dadi bua teases keerti and There Boys are teasing Manish for this and Both Girls and Boys Decided Not to share To Each Other

    Here kartik and Naira both are Thinking About That video call
    Naira calls kartik he Scares what if she talk about Girl he Somehow Attend Her Video call and Act Like Cool and She Ask who was That Girl who was Dancing Behind you
    He Changes The Topic I am On Road what are You Talking tell me what are You Doing and where are You
    She Says I am at Home he asks who was That Boy Dancing Behind You She changes that Topic But Suddenly Caught One Earing on his Pocket He Scares But Sees Manish and Gives Him Phone who Scold Naira that This is rented Clothes Now Go and let us Enjoy
    Kartik Hugs Manish for this after that they Decided to take Round on Bikes
    Here Some Ladies Become Police some Robber and Some Merchant Naira tries to Triggering her Gun but that was not working

    Bua Dadi and Bhabhi maa Start Acting That They Made Jewellery and Dadi and Suwarna and Other Who Becomes Robber came to robbery and Snatch the Jewellery and Keerti and Naira Annaya who become Police came to rescue
    Robbers Run from Here to There and They Run Out Rukamani was ahead takes the Jewellery and they run out of house
    Naira and keerti tries to stop but they run out of house
    They too Run Behind them and Point out Gun and Says them to Stop

    But They didn’t Listen and Run Away out in Garden and One Poilce wan are passing By
    Rujmani was Running and Naira Pull the Trigger and Bullet fire Rukmani falls on Floor everyone shocked

    Precap :Police Came and Say hands up to Everyone and takes the Gun and Take All Ladies to Police Station 

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