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  • Tuesday, 19 September 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 19th September 2017 Written Update

    Lying with Each Other On bed Naira teases Him That Don’t You Getting late for Bachelor’s party
    He Says Who want to go to Bachelor’s Party when celebrity is Here She Caresses his face and With Puppy Face she asks him about Theme of Their Party He Replies that This wont work on Him and He cant Cheat with other she again tries That You and me are One Then why hiding from me That means You wont love me
    He rolls and come on Top of her and Says I love You SO Much But I don’t tell You and He Laughs
    She Rolls her eyes and asks why are you Laughing He Says While Caressing her face whom You bet for this She Says with Keerti di and she jerks him away and Sit on Bed and he teases her more and Leaves
    There Manish shows his Gun for Collection and Akhilesh ask is it in working condition ?

    Manish Says Don’t know One Bullet is inside and He Says Leave It Here we will place this with in Collection Tomorrow
    There Naksh yash and Kartik are Arguing with Naira,Keerti and Ananya Then Delivery boy came with One Box and Naira and Kartik start their Argument That This box came for Us and Snatching Box from Him Box Fell and Ladies Dress Fell from Box Quickly Naira Keeps Dresses inside the Box
    Kartik Says Okay This box is For You But This Hip-hop theme is Our Again They Start Bickering and Decide That who win the toss will Keep This Theme
    Love Kush shows Tantrums for Throwing Coin for Toss But Kartik Scolds them and They Spin the Coin and Naira won the Toss

    And Surekha and Keerti Dadi Start preparation for Party Seeing kartik and Other’s pale Faces Naira Thinks and Act Like Riding a Bike and She run around Boys and leaves Giving a Hint to Kartik
    Kartik Says We Can Go Out on Bikes and Thanks Naira for idea

    In the Room Keerti Surekha are Taking Love Kush’s Toys and naira takes the Gun and Suwarna ask Why Gun ?
    Naira Says for Thief-Police game Keerti Di Loves This game She Says Okay and she  leaves Naira accidently Put the Manish’s Gun

    All The Males Dressed in Jacket jeans Special Riding Boots are Riding The Bikes and Full on Tapori Style
    Extremely Different Look from Their Usual Attire They are Dancing on “Hum Bhi hai Josh me “ Song
    In The Last All Dance Together and Some Girls Passes By and Waves Their hands to Them
    They all are Happy with This Dance Theme

    At House
    All the females in Western Dresses Glittery Accessories  with cap on Their head One Stage in between The Hall
    Keerti comes Down in rugged jeans and Shining Top All Look at her and Naira comes too
    Everyone ask what will do in the party Naira tells Them That we will Drink Eat and Play Robber-police game
    All are Excited for this

    There All the males are enjoying Suddenly they hear bell Sound and Yash Inform Them That This Place Someone has Seen Ghost A Female Ghost who’s Fav is Groom to be and he looks at naksh who Says why are you Looking at me Like This
    Manish Says Forget This I will take You one Close Place where we used to hang Out in College Days
    They all agree and come to their Bike Suddenly Naksh is disappear 1st they Think He is Joking Suddenly 

    They See one White clothe which was Hanging on the Tree and shout Ghost and That Clothe Come to Yash’s head who Throws Hand Here and There and all think Ghost and They Cling on Each Other  
    Clothe fell on floor and yash says its me Kartik Says what is This
    They heard Naksh’s Voice who is fell Below The Small Bridge They rush to Him and Take him Out and He Says Chewing Gum Stuck in my Throat Yash Hits Him and they all left for Manish’s Place

    Precap : Keerti Opens her friend Gift and one Boy Came out of The Gift There All male in bar where girls are Dancing  


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