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  • Monday, 18 September 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 18th September 2017 Written Update

    Episode Start with Naira is Thanking God Everyone Join Her Dadi Prays That Everything will be Fine Naira Says I have idea Dadi asks what ?
    She Points at Door where Love is Dragging Kartik and Kush is Dragging Manish with him
    They all Hide and watch them as Love and Kush Takes Manish and Kartik Front to Front and they run away
    Kartik Lowers his head and Manish thinks Say something Kartik and There kartik thinks how can I Say I always Said wrong Things everyone is watching Them
    Kartik Tries to Say His Eyes are Moist and Suddenly he passes him and Manish Looks at Him and Thinks I have waited so Long Some Time or more

    Dadi Says That This is Starting I will do Maha Pooja for Both
    There keerti Shares her happiness to Naksh
    Naira comes to Room there She found one dress with note in which Kartik apologies and Says her to wear this and come to Garden

    She wears That Saree and come to Garden Suddenly Light come and Kartik comes to her and she hugs him and He Hugs Back…He tugs her hair behind Ear and They Look at Sky
    Naira Says No Moon in Sky ?
    He Says My Moon is front of me..She Says Why You did so much decoration

    He Say me its necessary and in front of You this is Nothing He Goes to His Keens and takes Out anklet and she shows her Feet and he make her wear that Anklet he Stands Up and takes her hand and Says Thanks Naira To Give me My Father Back she replies That You Also make Me met with My Mumaa so we are  Equal

    He Looks at her and Lift her in his Arms and Says That I am taking Phere and with Each Phere he Says I love You
    After That They Lost In Their Romance

    Kartik Joins Manish in Jogging And he Says I want to talk to You they Stop and Kartik says I have seen Keerti’s Marriage Menu can we change something Manish Says Yes why not and Thinks he Needs More time
    They are walking Suddenly Manish Tires and Kartik rushes to Him and ask what happened ?
    Manish Says I don’t have Habit Kartik asks why you run then He Replies want to run with you otherwise you will be ahead Kartik says Lets Walk then

    Naira comes to Keerti and Gives her Phone On Phone Ananya Tells her about Party There Kartik is Discussing Same With Yash and Naksh over video call
    Both Boys and girls Are confused what will be Theme ?
    Naira Sees Hip hop In paper and Decide this theme here Manish Suggests Same Theme
    Both girls and Boys Decide Same Hip Hop Theme

    There Suwarna Dadi and Surekha Gets Message in family Group That Hens Party Tonight with Hip Hop theme
    Bhabhi Maa Calls Dadi and All Decided To ready for Hip Hop Theme
    here Naira gets The Message of confirmation and Keerti is happy too

    Naira and Kartik are Coming down and Naira are informing him about hens Party and tell him to take everybody out we have to set Up
    Kartik teases her that yes I Know what will be the preparation One Ramp and Stage Naira Says Grow Up Kartik Now and what about Your Party
    He Says we will do outdoor she asks who gave You idea He Says Mr Goenka Then Naira replies That You Should Invite him and She Leaves
    Kartik comes to Manish 1st He Hesitates But Says Him to come to Party Manish gets Shock but he is happy at least he is trying to talk

    There In room Naira is Dancing and Kartik Gets Surprise he takes out his Jacket Naira comes to him and Start teasing and Romance
    He Lifts her in his arms and takes her to Bed and they Lost In their Romance

    Precap :

    All ladies in Western Dresses and Boys in Tapori Avatar 

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