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  • Tuesday, 19 September 2017

    Neil Arrested Guru Maa and Makes Fun of her Naamkarann BTDD 19th September Video WU

    Written Update :

    Neil Arrested Guru Maa and Makes Fun of her  Naamkarann BTDD 19th September Video WU

    Segment Start with Reporter Says That Neil Revealed Guru Maa’s True Face and Now She is Arrested
    In the Scene She is walking With Ladies Police to Jail and Neil is behind Her

    She is taken to her Sell and and without even Looking anyone Guru Maa Shouts on Other Prisoner that why You all are Not Touching My feet come and Touch My Feet All Prisoner Do Same they Touch her Feet and Takes Blessing
    Further Guru Maa Says That Why all your Faces are Pale Don’t worry That Two Girl won’t Escape from There  If anyone Came Inside Pandit’s Trap then Only Pandit Can Save them

    Suddenly She Heard her Punch Line “Dugga Dugga” She Turns and Looks at Neil who is Sitting on Arm Chair and Taking Swing and he Stands Up and come in front of her and shows her
     “Search Warrant “

    In His Interview he Explain how He was Inside the Sell and Guru maa comes There and He Says I was waiting for her to come and see her Dugga Inside and Laughs

    I have Search warrant now and I Know Juhi is also There Now I will Go There and will gather Proof Against her
    Reporter Says That Guru Maa Did illogical work But Now Neil has Arrested her will she Escape again ?
    Neil Says I don’t Think so This Time She will Escape
    Guru maa Says That He is hero and we have To Balance between hero and Villain Otherwise how will he Look Like Hero ?

    Must watch this Segment

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