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  • Wednesday, 20 September 2017

    Neil and Neel Caught Amol Red Handed Naamkaran U me Tv 20th September Youtube Video WU

    Written Update

    Neil and Neel Caught Amol Red Handed Naamkaran U me Tv 20th September 2017 Youtube Video WU

    Segment start with Amol Reaches to Neil’s House where he is talking with Riya And He Shouts that You Gives Proof to Neil Against Dadi and He Grab her Neck and pressing hard she Tries to Free

    But Same time Neela Comes and Turns Him Around and Slaps Him and Says don’t You are To Say Di to Avni How can You Do this to Your Di
    Neela is So Angry That she Takes Stick and Start Hitting Him he Says Sorry But Neela is Not Stopping She is Hitting and Saying Now Today I will Free This Earth from Your Burden

    Seeing all This Neil can’t Help anything Because He knows Amol is Behind his Suspend He Looks at Neela Maa who is Hitting Him with whatever she gets
    He runs to Neil and Takes His feet and Says Sorry Neil Takes his Caller and Cups His face with his hand 

    He Says That I am Suspended I cant do anything No locker no arrest Nothing Now Only Neela maa can Do anything

    Neil’s Interview : Neil Says Neela Maa come to know About Amol and she Follows him and She Sees How he was Behaving with Riya and She Hits him with Stick I can’t  do anything Because I am Suspended

    And That too Because of Amol Because he leaked my Plan and That Brothel Became Aashram and Because of This I am now Suspended

    So i told Amol That I Can't help You and Neela Maa is Doing Right After what you have done to Your Sister  

    Must watch this Segment (Youtube Link )

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