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  • Monday, 25 September 2017

    Naira-Kartik's Cute Nok-Jhok and Romance Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai SBAS 25th September Youtube

    Written Update :

    Naira-Kartik's Cute Nok-Jhok and Romance Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai Saas Bahu aur Suspense 25th September Youtube

    Segment Start with Kaira’s Room Where Kartik is Getting Romantic But naira is Scolding Him That She have so Much Work You Go and Sleep

    Angry Kartik Says Yes I am Going He Goes to Bed But Came Back To her who Starts Packing and Takes her in His arms
    And Says How will I Sleep Without You and he takes Her to Bed and Both fell on Bed
    She Gets Up and Scold Him That You have Only One Thing Annoy Me But I have So Much to Pack and Secen Shows where She is Packing and Kartik Is Also Folding Clothes

    Naira’s Interview : As Always He is getting idea for Masti But naira is Busy Both are Doing Packing So Many Work Left and In between Kaira’s Cute Moment You will Enjoy This
    Kartik Says In His Interview : Dadi Is Stubborn and She wants to Go And We Don’t have prebook Flight so we are Going with Regular Flight So we have A lot to Pack and In between Kaira have Moment

    Reporter Says That Keesh’s Haldi will Going to Happen In Another City That’s why All Packing Scene is Going on

    Scene Shows Where Kartik is Putting Clothes inside the Bag and Naira is teasing That we should have Know About Flight before So we can Match Our Clothes According to That
    Kartik Looks at her and Says yes yes Do All Preparation for Chamak Dhamak

    Kartik Says yes We have Cute Nok-jhok Where I was Saying That I was Stressed Out and She Said That She is Also Stressed Out because we have to Go Like Dressed Up we don’t have time To Get Ready So we will Go Dressed up in Flight

    Naira Says That yes This will be 1st time where we will be Go In Flight Dressed Up and Normal People will Be also with us

    Must watch this Amazing Segment (Youtube Link )

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