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  • Friday, 29 September 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Season 2 29th September Episode 5 Written Update

    Episode Start with  Shubh is in The crib and Dev Gives Him Thumbs Up and he Asks Sonakshi To Start She Takes him to Cupboard and Start Showing around the Room About Shubh’s Thing and Dev is Making Notes
    She Shows How to Massage and Dev Start Making Video and Sona Shows how to Apply Oil and She Gives him one Book and Dev takes Shubh in His Arms and Says to Sonakshi That Go to office She Asks will You do He Says I have teacher Like You I will Top in exam and he tells her to Go to office
    At Bose House Sourabh is Making Beby Feed Milk by bottle and They are Discussing About taking care of Child
    There Bijoy is teasing Asha Over Dev Sona’s arrangement and Asha is Saying That they will fail
    Sourabh-Ronita and Asha-Bijoy Both are Making Bet on Devakshi

    At Dixit house
    Mamaji Sees ishwari is pacing here to there he comes and asks what happen She makes Excuse That Pain In waist I will Apply Balm He Says Pain Not only in Waist You are Thinking about Dev and Sonakshi and what people will Say
    She Stands Up and Says I don’t care about People I am Worried for my Kids
    Mamaji Says You have to give Chance to them She Says That means You Think they are Doing Right Kid need Mother Most and Shubh and Suhana Both Need Their mother

    Mamaji Make her Understand That They will manage Just give them Some Time Everything will be Fine You Sleep and Now I see You don’t Need Balm She Switch off the light

    Dev is Nervous and He is Pacing here to There Sona Sees Him and ask is He Nervous He Lies That No He Is Just Checking Shubh She Tells Him to Sit on Floor and She Sits on bed and Start massaging His Head He confesses that he is nervous what If he Failed and what Will Suhana Say That Her father is failed Father
    She Still Massaging His head Make Him Understand That Nothing will Go wrong They Have Decided to This Role Reversal Now We will make This work She Tries to Give Him Strength

    Dev with Apron is Giving order for Breakfast and Tiffin
    Pk comes to Dinning table and Arrange all the Food  1st mamaji and Mamiji come and They are Surprise to see So Much Food Pk Informs that This is All Done By Dev
    Soankshi Comes and tell them that She is getting late and she Starts Eating

    She asks Them why are You not Started Yet Mamiji taunts Sonakshi That Because of Your Office Dev is Now Doing Kitchen work ishwari comes there too She Sits But her Eyes are Not meeting with Sonakshi who Notices this 
    Mamaji Stops Mamiji's Blabbering 

    Dev comes to Suhana and Golu and try to Wake up them and They ask for 5 Minutes He Agrees and comes Out Sona Asks him did You wake Them ?
    He Says They wants 5 More Minutes she says They do this Everyday Wake them Please she gets Call and she Says I am getting Late Please wake Them Will You do This
    He Says You Start Again Go now She About to Go But Slips and about to Fell He takes her in His Arms And Put Arms Around her Neck and he Says now If You get Late Then It will be Your Fault

    She Jerks and Says I am Late Wake Them She Kisses on his Forehead and Runs She comes to Car and Her Dress Stuck in Gate and Got Tore From Corner and she Curses that She have to change Again
    Inside the House Dev is Arranging Suhana and Golu’s Book Vicky and Elena come and They Offer their help But Dev Says No Elena asks Dev if she could Accompany Vikcy to Ambala He Says Yes This will be vacation to You too
    Ishwari is watching Dev and She comes to Him and Says You can Ask My help But Dev Says I can Manage and Refuses to take her Help
    Mamiji comes to ishwari and Says That We have to Go temple But Ishwari Says That I am Not going What if he needs my help but Mamiji Drags her Dev looks At her
    Dev comes to Suhana and Golu Who makes him Fool Like they dressed and cover themselves with Devut he Thinks that they are Still Sleeping He Shouts on PK But After he Smiles Seeing Made Fool By Kids
    Here Sonakshi is Busy in meeting She gets Call And without Seeing The caller she Asks Dev Everything is okay Asha is on the call Sona Says Maa I didn’t check
    Asha tries to make hrer understand But Sona says She is Busy will Call Back
    Bijoy Says Asha That All will be Okay
    Here Suhana and Golu are having Breakfast and Dev Sees Suhana’s Hair Messy he Comb Them

    Precap : Dev reaches School with Suhana and golu But peon is Not letting them go Inside Dev makes Excuse That they Are Late because of traffic But he is not Listing Anything Dev Gets Sonakshi’s call who asks About School and Dev Lies That He Dropped them Bijoy is Seeing all This

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