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  • Thursday, 28 September 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Season 2 28th September Written Update Episode 4

    Episode Start with
    Sona Says I decided that I wont go to office and I will Stay with Suhana and Shubh Dev Opposes and Says That How Can You take this Decision You and Sourabh Made this company and This is very important Project he goes and Sit By Window
    He Says You Should Think more She comes to him and sit By Side and She Says Suhana and Shubh Needs My presence He Says We will Think more
    Dev Sees Shubh and Think about Something
    There Vicky and Elena both are Arguing Over what is happening in the House
    Sona comes to Shubh and She tells Dev to Sleep He comes to her and Says I have decided Something we will change Everything She Asks what Do You mean

    He Says I will leave My Business and I will Stay with Kids  and You will Join Your Business She Laughs  and Tells him to Sleep she comes to bed Where Dev tells Her That I am Not Joking Vicky can Handle Mine Business But No one Can Handle Yours
    She Says we will talk tomorrow She Switches off the Light But Dev Turns on her side and Says That You Still Think that I am joking But No I want to Do This
    She Says What will people Say he Says I don’t Care About other I want to do This I want to Live This Moments I got best Business men Award I want Best Husband and Papa award She Says This will be New to You he Says I am fast learner I will Manage

    She Says We Will Think 

    Dev comes down from room and Tell his Decision That he will take Care of Shubh and Suhana and Sonakshi will Join The office and Vicky will handle mine 
    Vicky and everyone gets shock to listen this Ishwari comes to Dev and She is angry that They Didn't even ask anyone's opinion She Says She is not happy with this and this will be Wrong Dev Says let us do this Mistake 
    She tells mamaji to Say Something but he Says Nothing to Dev
    Dev leaves and mamiji comes to Console ishwari who says She will talk to Sona once 

    Suhana and Golu are Playing House House Suhana becomes wife and Golu Plays Husband and he is Throwing order to her
    Dev Sees All this from Outside Elena comes to him and He Says if You want to talk about my decision She Cuts him off and Says We are doing Awesome work and I am so happy Vicky comes and take their Talk in Other way he Asks her Do you want me to Sit at Home and Who will Manage office
    Dev tells her that he has Point he leaves and elena Says from whom I am Expecting and she leaves
    There Ishwari comes to Sona and take Shubh from her And she Says If I Know Before you both will take This decision I wouldn’t even  say something Sona Says I am Surprised too on his decision ishwari Says Only You can change his decision She Says We Talked But ishwari Says Think About It

    Asha and Bijoy are Discussing Bijoy Supports Dev’s But Asha Says Its Not Right it may be Respective But its not Logically Right
    Ronita and Sourabh are Also Surprised with this Decision
    There Elena and Vicky fight over This Decision
    SOna is In deep Thinking and Dev comes to her and He teases her she Says This is so complicated I cant do this he Says then Leave this and we will both at Home will take care of our kids
    She Says You..she glares Him and he Says That I want to Live Those Moments and You are Stealig That too he Teases her And she is Showing her Anger He tells her that We will change People’s Thinking She Agrees

    Precap : Sona Shows Dev how to Do Things and He seems Focused on Learning Making notes She Asks Will you do ? He Says I have teacher Like You..You Go and Manage Your office 

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