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  • Monday, 25 September 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Season 2 25th September Episode 1 Written Update

    Episode Start with
    Night Scene
    One Baby is Crying In the Crib and Dev and Sona are on Bed and He Says That in Habit of taking care of Shubh I am Listing his cry in my Sleep
    Sona Says Yes I am Listing too
    Sona wakes up and Says That he is crying in Real She About to Go to Him But Dev Stops and takes him and He Says Sonakshi that He want to Learn Too You Sleep He gives her Cotton and says Sleep and He Start Rocking and Singing Modern Loree for him

    He Takes Him and Kisses him and walks here to there Trying to Calm Him Down and he Stops Crying Sona Admires him doing all This
    Dev is Learning Bhasha Language and He is Writing too Sona comes and Hugs him and asks what are you doing ?
    He Says I am learning Language also I have to See What if shubh takes Car and Went out in Night
    She Hits Him and he Says takes Your Coffee She is Surprised and She Teases him That Say Something In Bhasha Language and He leans down and Says I love You In Indonesian Language

    And she Mimics Him and he Cups her face But Shubh Starts Cry irritated Dev says  Shubh Doesn’t need More Brother-Sister
    Sona Says he wants Nappy change and Dev Takes the Nappy Sona Says You don’t Need to Do But he Says That he wants to learn and Both Together change his Nappy (Kuch rang Pyar ke  playing In BG )

    Sona gets call from Sourabh and He informs her That if can Come to office Dev tells Sona to get ready for office But She Says She is Back End Sourabh Can Manage But He Says If You are worried for
    Shubh Then Here is Maa elena and Me We can manage

    After sometime Ishwari is Playing with Shubh and Golu and suahan Who are Dressed in School Uniform makes Excuse not to go School and Play with Shubh Mamaji also Argues with Ishwari
    Sonakshi and Dev Makes Kids Understand of Going School and They Somehow Agree
    In The Kitchen Sonakshi Informs Elena About Joining office Again who asks her that if she Informs This sonakshi or Not

    She Says She will take Permission 

    Dev is taking to Indonesian Client and Going of office and sona comes Running and Aks Him That You are Forgetting something
    He Kisses her on Forehead But She shows her Tiffin and he teases her and Kisses her Again She asks why Double He Says Because Your 1st Day at office
    She Says She Didn’t Ask Maa He Says She will Only Listen to You and He leaves
    There Sourabh and Ronita are Also handling Their Kids and Soubah Informs how Important Sona’s presence in This Project
    There Sona comes to ishwari who gives Back Shubh to Her and tell her that Child can’t Stay away long from his Mother
    She asks why Are You Worried she informs That She have to go office But Ishwari explains That How child wants her Mother near himself for at least 6 months

    There At Bose House Sourabh is Dialling Sonakshi’s Number but She is Not Picking his Phone
    Bijoy is Playing with Kid and He is Teaching How to Sing Bengali Song
    Asha comes and Sourabh informs them That She is Joining office and Asha Says I am Not Happy with Sona’s Decision and also ishwari ji is also not happy with this Decision
    There Sonakshi Says Ok Maa I wont Join Office If You Say She About to leave But Ishwari says I am concerned for shubh But more Concerned for You I Know You are Not Happy You can Go for if this is for one day She takes Shubh and Tell her to get ready and Go
    She Looks at Sona Who is replaying to Sourabh that she is coming

    Precap : Sona at Suahana’s School But Peon Informs That She is not There She calls Dev and Informs Him Who has Shubh in his Arms and He is panics He Reaches School  

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