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  • Saturday, 30 September 2017

    Keesh Haldi's Celebration in Plane Kaira's Romance Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai UMT 30th September Youtube

    Written Update :

    Keesh Haldi's Celebration in Plane Kaira's Romance Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai U me aur Tv 30th September Youtube Link 

    Segment Start with Plane Scene Where whole Plane is Decorated and This is Naira's Idea 
    Actually Due to technical reason Plane is not getting Airport to Land and Singhania and Goenkas are worried About Naksh and Keeri's Mehandi 

    Naira Suggests That we have all the Material to Decorate Also we have Haldi With us and we wont able to Make it on Time of Mahurat So why don't we celebrate here 
    Everyone is Happy with this Idea and They decorate Whole Plane And Make one Curtain wall between Naksh and Keerti and Their Family Start Haldi Rituals 

    Naira and singhania Ladies Apply Haldi to Naksh and They dance around Him and He is Also Clapping with them 
    After Naira takes the Haldi Bowl Put on her head and she Goes to Keerti and Apply haldi on Her Cheeks 
    Dadi too Apply and All Ladies from Goenkas Also Dance Around Keerti 

    Naira comes to Kartik Who Holds her Hand and Kisses on her hand He indicates Something on her Face she gets Confused and he Quickly applies haldi on her cheeks She looks at him and than Hugs him and he Hugs her Back 
    Another Scene Where Naksh gets Emotional Seeing Akshra's Pic Naira Goes To Him 

    She makes him Seat and Apply haldi Then She Takes him to Everyone where She Grabs His Cheeks and He Glares at Her But Then Laughs with Her and The Atmosphere Becomes Light 

    Must watch this Unique Haldi 
    (Youtube Link )

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