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  • Tuesday, 19 September 2017

    Kartik-Naira's Fight at Police Station Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata hai BTDD 19th September Video Wu

    Written Update :

    Kartik-Naira's Fight at Police Station Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata hai BTDD 19th September Video Wu

    Segment Start with Police Station Where One By One Singhnia and Goenka Ladies are Standing and They Are hiding Their face With Files or Whatever they Got Also They are Worried how to Go out from here

    Same Time Male members from Both Family are coming One By They are Arrested Too
    Ladies are Arrested Because Naira Shot Fire with With Real Gun and Police Arrested them and Let Them Stand In Police Station where Ladies Are Pleading Police that they are from Good Family This is All Misunderstanding But Police Didn’t Listen Anything

    And There Male came inside one By One And when Someone Say Senior Citizen Naitik Shouts On That Men who Revealed  that They are Arrested Because They were Drinking and Driving Ladies Gasp to Listen This
    Next Scene Naira Hides her face with Orange Clothe And She tries to talk with Kartik But Suddenly Lights Goes off and 

    Kartik Sense Someone Behind Him He Grabs That Person and Fall on the Floor with Person who is None other then Naira and When they Fall Naira is Top of him and Lights comes and All See Each Other Faces and shocks to See

    Kartik asks Naira what are You doing Here She Asks What are You doing Here too

    He Asks 1st I asked You tell me What are You doing In This Dress..Naksh Asks Same and Naira Shouts How Can You Ask us when You All are Here too
    Dadi Supports her They Start Arguing and Police came in Between to Solve Their Argument But Naira and Kartik still Bickering

    Keerti tries to Narrates How They Ended here in jail how Rukmani ji Went out and How This all happened 

    After Their Fight Advocate Came and paid for Bail All of Them

    Must watch this Funny Segment    

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