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  • Sunday, 17 September 2017

    Kaira's SS : Sherni's Diary Part 2 Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai

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    PART ~ 2

    Kartik's Narration

    I shouldn't have read it but I am glad I did , because it changed my life for the better.

    So due to the curiosity burning inside of me, I took the diary out. The dairy was black in colour and on the cover the word " Sherni's diary " was written in silver.

    I thought she hate this name Sherni bcoz she always said me dont call me Sherni i hate this name...Strange yar...then why she kept this name.. let’s find out

    I remember this diary from Miss Sherni's birthday when she tried to hide it from me. I didn't know she was using it as a diary but thought she was hiding it from me so I wouldn't copy her work. Guess, I was wrong.

    I tried to open the diary but there was a number lock.

    I thought for a while and tried complex combination like :



    But none of them working...ohhh her birthdate


    Ohhh uski birthdate bhi nahi hai to kya hoga... I was about to give up but I gave one last try. 
    I slowly kept the numbers in my birthday...


    And it opened. Naira wasn't so intelligent as I thought. 

    One min...

    Why my birthdate...ohhh god why not my b'date ye Sherni bhi naa...jitna hoshiyar apne aap ko samzti hai utni hai nahi...meri b'date rakh li taki agar mujhe kabhi diary mili bhi to main meri b'date try nhi karunga but u r wrong my Sherni...haha i opend...

    As I opened the diary a thought came to me ," Why do girls keep diary , just so others can find out their secrets."

    Chuckling at that thought I opened the diary . The first page was blank . But the second page, 

    oh my goddd--

    I never thought ... but how could she ... hide her real feelings for so long.

    On the Second page "I LOVE U KARTIK"

    Third page...

    my name was written all over the page inside ouside surround by small hearts.


    I have never thought of her like that. I couldn't read as shock had paralyzed me from turning the pages of the diary.

    So I closed it and kept it the way it was.below the pillow or bed my brain is not working now

    I got out of the room in deep thoughts.

    She was there for me in the most crucial times of my life.

    She was there for me when my father died and got me out of that miserable time.

    She helped me when i need someone

    And she was there when I was losing control of my hard feelings and many other times, she stayed along with me to support me.

    She is my best friend and the only friend that has been with me through the upside down of life.

    So I decided to talk to her tonight.

    And as Naksh was going out , it would be the perfect time to ask her.

    I waited for her to come home.

    Why couldn't I feel the same way like she did? 

    After all she and Naksh were the only ones with me through the toughest times and she was the one who made me feel better about everything.

    I had caught her staring at me few times but I felt that I was handsome as many girls in college used to stare at me.

    So I didn't take it seriously. But it had come so far , how could I not realize it ? 
    I mean come on , I am her best friend. I am supposed to know these things.

    I had waited for her for hours,

    where could have Sherni gone?

    When I heard a knock on the door and quickly ran off to open it.

    I saw Sherni standing in front of me but she was not standing alone.

    There was a guy not guy a men beside her and the look in her eye told me that this was her 2nd boyfriend , as her new mister perfect.

    What is up with Naira yar?

    In her diary she writes my name with these love signs but comes home with some other guy no Men . 

    I was really confused.

    I thought of letting this matter go.

    I was introduced to her new "mister perfect " Shivam.

    Guess what , he was also going to Symboisis. Mr Symbiosis , was clearly her type of guy Sorry Sorry Men.

    Now I was sure of letting this matter go . It was obviously a joke , I mean  , How could she like a spoiled brat like me?

    When she could have someone who was just like her 
    ( The Symboisis Guy...Er Men).

    Mr and Mrs Symbiosis, made for each other.

    Yuckkkkkkkk , this thought was going to make me vomit.

    But I got a feeling inside of me which made my heart fell really heavy.

    Must have been the sickness or constipation coming again but something inside of me told me it was jealousy.

    But I ignored that feeling.

    Cause , why would I be jealous?

    I mean I could get any girl I wanted , and why would I want Naira?

    I needed to clear my head , so I went out for a drive.

           Day passed 

    i hide this jealousy…Damm jealousy  inside me...which burnt me Damn it 

    Miss Sherni and Shivam were getting closer and closer day by day and I have no idea why that thought has been eating me so bad. And I have been angrier and angrier.

    So i decided to go to consultant

    "Breath in , breathe out," I repeated these word to myself. 

    My counsellor told me it would help to bring the anger out and get it down .

    And maybe it could help me get the heaviness out of my heart.body soul everything 


    It was Saturday night...

    i was planning to go out but Sherni told me that she was going with Shivam

    now me and Naksh @ apartment

    miss Sherni was getting ready to go out with Shivam.

    I feel like that guy err Men in that freaking serial that she made me watch ( very torturous evening)
    Me who doesn't care when the girl's around but gets jealous when Naira is with another Men

    I was watching "Movie" with Naksh

    I heard miss Sherni open the door.

    We didn't turn around to look at her but I really wanted to.

    But pretended like I did not.

    She called out " Guyzzz , how do I look?"

    I turned around to look at Sherni.

    And I was blown away.

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