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  • Thursday, 28 September 2017

    Avni To Burn Guru Maa Alive Naamkarann BTDD 28th September Youtube Link

    Written Update :

    Avni To Burn Guru Maa Alive Naamkarann Bhabhi Tera Devar Dewaana 28th September 

    Segment Start from Yesterday's Segment where Avni Kept Knife on Guru Maa's neck and Now Today she Throw on Floor and takes The Petrol and Sprinkle all over her Body She is Shouting that What You did with So many Girls Now i will do Same with You 

    Neil and Ali comes there with Dayawanti and They throw Dayawanti In front of Avni who takes the Fire Stick in her hand and she is Shouting that I will Burn You today Guru Maa is pleading her and Apologizing but Avni is Not Listing anything She has Knief too and she is Saying to Guru Maa that Stay that place 

    Avni's Interview She says That I take guru Maa to near ravan and i have Fire Stick i was Saying her to That I will Burn You Just Like we Burn Ravan 

    Reporter Shows Scene where Amol comes from behind and He Puts Gun on Neil's head and He Threatens Avni That he will Kill Neil if she does anything 

    He even hits neil with back of the Gun and Neil Falls on ground Avni Distract and Dayawanti Gives her push and She falls and her head Collide with Table Neil Rushes to her

    There Dayawanti takes Amol and Run away from there Guru maa To try to Escape But Neil and His team Caught her 

    Police came to Scene And DD shows them Evident and They Arrested Guru Maa 
    But No trace of Dayawanti and Amol
    Avni Says That Her Own brother did this to her..She wont Leave Them 

    Must watch this Segment 

    (youtube Link )

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