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  • Wednesday, 20 September 2017

    Avni and Ali Run Away from Rang Mahal Naamkarann SBS 20th September Youtube Video Wu

     Written Update :

    Avni and Ali Run Away from Rang Mahal Naamkarann Saas Bahu aur Saazish 20th September Youtube Video Wu

    Segment Start with Avni at Rang Mahal who has Smoke pipe and She hided it and when Balluu came to Check on her She Open the Smoke Pipe and Put on His Face

    His Vison Become Blur and She Hit with One Thick Stick and He Falls on The Floor Avni about to Run Away But She Sees Some Other Goons are coming to Room so She Hides Behind the Door and That Goon come inside and See Smoke all over in the Room
    They See Balluu on The Floor and They Rush to Him Avni Gets The Chance to Escape and She Run Away

    Next Scene Ali is with Avni and avni has Same Stick in her hand Ali Caught avni’s hand and they Are Running but Some Goons came and Ali Kick them and Both Run Away from there to Stair Where They again Fight with Goons

    Reporter Says Avni is doing all This To Free Juhi from this brothel

    Avni’s Interview :
    She Says I have unique relation with Juhi who is Ex of My Husband which is rare to see But We Both are helping Each Other That’s why our relation is Good
    Next Scene Neela is Hitting Amol who tries to Sell Avni and neela is Hitting and Saying That You tried to Sell Your own Sister

    Neil’s Interview : yes Neela is very Angry because Amol tried to Sell Avni which is Wrong and Because of Him I am Suspended because Our plan Exposed that we were trying to Expose that Rang Mahal is brothel But That Becomes Aashram and I Got suspended
    Reporter Shows Scene Where Amol Accepted and he Gives them Secrete Way to Enter in Rang Mahal

    Must watch this Segment 

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