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  • Tuesday, 26 September 2017

    Avneil Hug Neil Saved Avni Naamkarann U me Tv 26th September Youtube Link

    Written Update 

    Avneil Hug Neil Saved Avni Naamkarann U me Tv 26th September Youtube Link

    Segment Start with Neil is Making plan with his team to Enter inside the Rang Mahal  
    He is with Four Men and He is Marking Something on paper and says That So we Will Enter from This door And This is The Statue what Amol told us and this is Huge Statue and No One will see us So we have to Enter via This Door

    Amol Says Yes Neil is Inside the Rang Mahal and We are Just Running Away from here with Ragini’s Money and yes she also Prepared Plan as she Expected Neil to come anytime But Inside we are having Hit and Miss Moment inside the Rang Mahal
    Scene Shows Dayawanti and Amol who has Bag in hand and They are Looking Around and Running from There

    Scene Shows How Neil is Inside the Rang Mahal with His Men and He Sees Avni is Going Somewhere
    He Goes Behind her and Turn her Around She Looks at Him and have tears in her eyes and She Just Hugs him and Neil too Hug her Back

    He Cups her face and wipes her tears Suddenly He sees She is Not comfortable Because Something inside her feet He goes Down and Take out the Throne From her feet and Her Feet on His Knee and He Looks at her They lost in Each Other

    He Stands Up and Looks Behind Someone Collide on wall and He Sees Ali is Behind and He is Beating Goons Too
    Ali comes to them and Assure him That Everything is Fine You Should take Avni Home
    Neil Holds Avni’s hand

    Must watch Avneil’s Hug after so Much Time 
    (Youtube Link )

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