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  • Saturday, 30 September 2017

    Amol-Avni Burn Dayawanti with Ravaan Naamkarann SBS 30th September Youtube Link

    Written Update 

    Amol-Avni Burn Dayawanti with Ravaan Naamkarann Saas Bahu aur Saazish 30th September Youtube Link

    Scene Start with Dayawanti has fire Stick In her hand and She has Avni Clutched in Other hand She Sprinkle Patrol Around Avni and Ravaan And She Makes Full Plan to Burn Avni Alive and Amol is In her Plan too 

    Dayawanti Gives Fire Stick to Amol Who Grabs Avni's Hand and Pushes Her to Neil who Grabs her in his Arms and For Everyone's Shock he Pushes Dayawanti on Ground who after recover from Shock Looks at Amol 
    Amol Burns The Fire Again and Come near Dayawanti Avni too comes to Them 

    Then Amol Burns the Ravaan and Along with Ravaan Dayawanti Too Burn Alive with Ravaan 
    Avni Hugs Neil Who is Equally Shock to see what Amol has Done 

    Reporter Says That Avni is Emotional and Happy at the same time That She is Crying in real life too 

    Avni's Interview : She Says This tears Because of the Scene Now Both Dayawanti and Guru maa are Finished in Vijay Dashmi so This is not Happiness this is satisfaction That i get what i want And also My Brother came Back to Me

    Neil's Interview : He Says that This is All Trap By Me And Amol is On My side Avni too didn't know This and Now  he Burnt Dayawanti his Negative Character will be Positive Now and This Big Twist also come to End Now 

    Must watch this Segment 

    (Youtube Link )

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