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  • Wednesday, 19 July 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 19th July Written Update

    Episode Start with Dadi is Saying That Suhasani Wanst their Kirthi to marry off to our Lalla
    Everyone shocked To Listen this
    Dadi Bua Jerks Naira says That tell Everyone
    Naira says The Thing is Only what Bua Dadi Said Just listen to me Once then Say what You want to Say

    Naitik Says Okay say without taking anyone’s Side
    Here Sulekhna Says I don’t Think that Naira will talk Dadi Says that if she don’t then I will Suwarna Tries to Interfere But Dadi scolds her But She Says I don’t want This To take In any Wrong Direction what if this will Effect Kaira’s relationship ?
    Dadi says I will talk to them Because This Will effect Kirthi’s Life

    Kirthi Listen all This
    Here Dadi bua Created Scene But Naira Says We will Talk to Bhai 1st then we will proceed I don’t want anyone to Scarifies for me
    Here Kirthi Cursed her self That she cant make anyone happy and Aditya’s Word is Floating In her mind
    Kartik runs to hear some voice from Kirthi’s room and he Rushes to there and Sees Curtain Falls on Floor and she is Crying he Hugs her and asks what happen
    She Says Everything is Fallint that Curtain and Your Relation with Naira
    He Says Everything will be Fine she says Nothin is fine please leave me alone for sometime
    Here Naitik is Discussing with rajbanna That I don’t want to Compromise with my any child

    Here Naira is Feeding Kartik and he sense her Problem and she is Thinking how to talk
    There Naitik is Worry how can one Brother’s and Sister’s Happiness Clash like This
    Here Naksh and Naira Both are Thinking about Dadi and Dadi bua’s word
    Here Naitik is worry That They Both will Scarifies for Each Other Rajbanna Says we wont let this happen

    Here naksh Assure Naira that he is okay and he Tells her to sleep she keep the Light off and Left
    Nakhs open his Eyes

    Here Karishma Divyani and Other Ladies are Talking How Naira is stuck between Sasural and mayka
    Naitik Says I have seen Akshra In this Situation too
    All Are talking That Only This talk will Depend on Naksh’s Decision and Naitik Says that he will Go and Talk to Them Personally
    Here Kartik comes to meet Naira and She Says Sorry for Sending Him Message That Night he Says If you didn’t then I will cOme myself

    I was Missing You and I need Your Support
    She says Same and He Says I am Scared that Little Mistake will ruin everything She Says yes and Both Side Our People He Hugs and lifted her in his arms and Place on car’s Bonnet and Ley with her
    They makes Heart with their hands and talks via Hands and Teased Each Other Very cute Moments


    Naksh come Down and Everyone shocked to see him Like this They ask where are You Going ?
    He says KRISHNA and My Wound is not That Serious That I sit all day at home
    Naira tries to Stop him But he Says You Go Your Home I am okay
    Naira Thinks That’s Good he doesn’t Know anything Naksh Thinks That’s Good She Doesn’t Know that I Know Everything
    He About to go But gayu told Naksh to Drop Naira Home
    He is Shocked But manages To Say that I will drop You at Door I am Hurry
    Here In the car Naira gets Dadi’s call She Disconnect
    Naira Says To naksh You take care he says I am okay But You are Looking Stressed

    Here manih Says He is worried If Naksh Say yes for Marriage it will Okay to marry in that House Relationship will be More Juggled in each other
    Here kartik comes Panicky ask where is Kirthi …Everyone Panicked Kartik calls Kirthi her Phone is Busy
    There Kirthi is on  Phone talking to her Massi
    In House she recorded On Message In which she Said she is Going to massi’s House for Some Day and she is requesting Dadi Not to say anything To Naira..Who is Listing All this from Door
    Dadi Burst her anger on Naira that She left because of You Kartik comes to Support her But Naira Says Don’t come Between us

    Precap : Dadi Says Naira That Go and Bring Kirthi back Otherwise I will Die for You
    Naksh Listen this and he says I Know This is what Happening here Just Like Yesterday
    Kaira and EVeruone stunned


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