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  • Monday, 17 July 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 17th July Written Update

    Sulekhna calls Naira and asks Her Did She Talked with Kartik
    She replies her That He is not at Home let him come

    Sulekhna Tells her That we don’t have Time for That Dadi is so Worried

    Naira Tells her that we still don’t Know About Bhai’s feeling
    Sulekhna Tells her this Men are like this Naira tells her That 1st I will ask Bhai About This

    And she Hangs up But Dadi Bua Listen All This
    She comes to her and confront her is This True ?? When Naira Nods Dadi Bua Burst Her anger on her that’s why Your Dadi came to house and Praising My Lalla,Eating kachori with us 

    and Talking Sweetly with Me..And I went to purchase Gift for her so that I will Say Sorry Now I understand her Moves
    She always Like My Famiy and Reputation what is Happens Today Just Go and tell her I rejected this proposal for that Divorcee and She Break the Pearl Thread she Purchased for Dadi and Naira Notices Kartik Listen All This

    He comes to Dadi and says I never differentiate This and My Family But Today You Proves that Relatives are relatives and Our Family are Ours and I wont listen Single thing Against My Family This was Your Last next I wont able to Tolerate and He Goes to his Car…
    Naira Folds her hands with tears she Goes Back to Car and Sit with Kartik Dadi Bua is Shocked
    Here Kartik is Driving Rashly and Naira Tells him to Drive Slowly she isn’t have Any Mistake
     He Angrily ask why you come Here I told You not to come But You always did this If my call didn’t Get connected you sent message At least You should wait for reply But NO You always Did This

    Now Dadi bua Will Create Scene there and They will Talk to our family Both Family will get in Argument and they will remain Like This
    Here Singhanias are worried Why she Left Suddenly and where is naksh
    Here Suwarna Informs Manish That Kirthi said Sorry for Hurting everyone Specially Naksh  
    Manish Stands up and sense Something Wrong where is Naira he asked
    Same Time KAIRA enters and Asked Everyone to come they want to talk
    He About to start But Naira gets Call from Naksh’s Phone That Your Bhai had an Accident
    Naira is panicked and Kaira Left for there..Kirthi Listen and Shocked
    Here they reached Accident Spot which is crowded
    Naira is Stunned she is Unable to Go that Spot from Car But Kartik give her support to come
    And They are shocked

    Here Kirthi is praying in front of God That Naksh is Gentlemen he always help Everyone please Make Him Well Please
    Dadi comes and Kirthi Tries to hard But Dadi Says I Know Your Heart Talk don’t hide This From me
    She Hugs Dadi and Dadi console her
    Here Naksh on Floor is Unconscious and Naira is Panicked But Kartik told her to seat in the car
    With the Help of others he Place him inside the car
    Here Dadi is Praying and Others are worried Sulekhna Says related to kirthi and Naksh’s relationship
    And Akhilesh,suwarna all Jump on Her to sty Quiet But Dadi Supported her
    They Got Kartik’s call and he informed them
    Here SInghanias are worried for Naksh where he is gayu informs That he told to Go Naira’s House ..Dadi bua Praying for Naksh’s Safety
    Naitik calls Naksh and Kartik Told Naira to Take naksh’s phone and answer the call She Swipe on green But she has not Courage to tell and she Cuts the call
    Kartik asks why didn’t you tell them She Says Once Doctor Say he will be okay I will inform them
    Kartik tell Her to be Strong Doctor came
    Here Dadi Bua Saa Spitting Venom that Suhasini Ji Surly told Him Something That’s why he was may be Upset and she Stopped Remembering Kartik’s warning
    Here Naksh and Kaira reached their Seeing Naksh Like This All panicked and asked what happen to Him
    Kartik told them let Take Naksh Inside then we will talk
    Here Dadi is all set to go to Singhania House and She Drags Kirthi too manish Told her not to Do this Hurry But She is Stubborn

    Precap : Naksh is Getting conscious he Held Kirthi’s hand and Then taking Naira and Kirthi’s name Dadi Stunned so did Kirthi and Other too  

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