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  • Friday, 14 July 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata hai 14th July 2017 Written Update

     Episode Start with

    Manish and Kartik asked dadi what happened ?

    She Scarily Narrated About Proposal Akhilesh asked whats so Hurry Dadi Says SO many Mouths opens when Girl Seat at Home Ask What Naira’s Bua Dadi told kirthi
    Manish and Kartik argues with Dadi That why so Hurry
    Dadi Says That if you think this is Hurry Then Let it be But I cant see her alone like This

    Naira comes to dadi and keep her point that we should Let Di Decide The Boy she should Meet the Boy and if she likes ..Dadi Interrupted She Finds Boy and She Likes That Boy and If You Think this is So Easy then let Marry Them … Naira is So Excited and Manish and Other Shocked to Listen
    Naira ask who is the Boy..Dadi Says “NAKSH” Everyone is shocked to listen this

    Kirthi is Beyond Shocked…Dadi Continued that Naksh is That Boy will You marry Your Brother to Divorcee or all those Talk just for Saying ..Say will You Marry Your Brother with Her Will you Fill her life with happiness
    Naksh at door with Plant Listen all this
    Kirthi comes to interfere but Dadi says Don’t lie Kirthi I Know..She continues That Your Silent Behaviour Shows Your Answer

    Kartik comes to Rescue So Did Manish they told to Stop this talk here But Dadi Says Ofcourse Kartik You did Love Marriage SO You will take Your Wife’s Side
    Manish Supports Kartik and Told Dadi That he is Saying right we should Stop this talk here
    Dadi left follows by Kirthi Sulekhna and Kartik…Here Naksh Takes Step back and Plant fall from his hand and he comes Out of Goenka Mansion
    He Lost His Senses and he Seat in the Car and Drive

    Kartik come to Kirthi’s Room and asked her to Open Room He Tries to Say That Don’t Feel Guilty But Kirthi told him to leave

    He comes out and Meet with Kartik who is crying Kartik says Don’t Cry and Feel Guilty Dadi Said so much don’t feel bad
    Naira says That Kirthi di loves Bhai I didn’t know About this I should talk to di Kartik Stops her By Saying This is Not right time
    Kartik gets Call and He Told Naira that he have to attend Meeting right Now Before leave he Gets Promise from her That Don’t Talk anyone about this

    Here Naksh comes out of his Car and He Still Think about Dadi words

    Here Kirthi Thinks What Naksh Thinks about me Also Matter
    Here naksh is walking on the Road and Think What if I sent her wrong Signal Because of me Naira’s relation will be Ruin

    Dadi is Crying in front of Dadi that This is All My Fault But for Kirthi’s happiness I can be wrong thousand Times
    I have Tolerate so Many Pain But Kirthi’s Loneliness I can Feel her pain manish Come to console her by saying that kirthi is Greeting Out of her Pain But You should Control Yourself By Blurting about this
    Kirthi will feel Guilty that Her Heart’s Thing come out of like This

    Naira listen their Talk
    Suwarna is Saying that This is so Good relation Naksh is very good Boy But We Don’t Know About Naksh feeling Manish Said We should Stop this Here
    Dadi Says no This wont stop at least we know know about Him
    Sulekhna comes to naira and Says Dadi is right we should Get Things Clear..I Know You cant ask Naksh Directly But In directly You can Ask…They love Each Other company They Played ydya as Partner
    Naira Thinks About that..also She remembers Kirthi’s Princess Story and Kirthi-Naksh Meets

    Here Kartik and Akhilesh are Talking about same Akhilesh Says I Think we should At least Once we should ask Naksh..Kartik says No I don’t Think So
    Naksh passes By Their Car
    Here Naira is Sending Voice Mail to Kartik that Kirthi di has Some Feeling I will talk to Bhai
    Sulekhna Comes to Dadi and Informs her That I send Naira to her Maayka to talk with them
    Dadi Says This Time I wont tolerate anything
    Here at singhania All are Congratulating Gayu and They Surprised to see Naira
    Who is Searching Naksh
    Gayu takes her Inside and Naira asks Where is Bhai
    They Informed her That He Goes to Meet You and Give Kirthi a Plant
    Naira is Shocked that he came to meet may be He listen what happened at House
    Naitik calls Naksh who is walking on road and Lost In Dadi’s Word
    Here naira is Scared what if Bhai heard all Those things
    Here naksh is walking and Cursing himself that Naira is Stuck because of me
    A truck is Blowing Horn and Going towards Naksh

    Precap : Dadi bua Listen Naira’s Talk and she is Shouting That Your Dadi is Now Forcing This relation on our Kartik listen all this

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